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Ramadan Mubarak: The Month of DeedsTopic: Articles
Ramadan Mubarak The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “On the first night of Ramadan, the devils and rebellious jinn are bound in chains; the gates of Paradise are opened until not a single gate remains closed. All praise belongs to Allah the Most High, who created both life and deat...
Published: Friday 26 May, 2017
Libraries & Other Organisations - May Pay After Receipt of OrderTopic: Customer Experience
PAYMENT IS NOT NECESSARILY REQUIRED TO PLACE AN ORDER. Libraries, Organisations, Schools & Regular Customers may select Payment By Cheque or Bank Transfer . This service is designed to facilitate Ordering for Libraries, Organisations, Schools etc who require an Invoice in Order to issue a Pay...
Published: Thursday 25 May, 2017
Orders without Upfront Payment are AcceptedTopic: Customer Experience
IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS NO PROBLEM- SIMPLY SELECT PAYMENT BY CHEQUE OR BANK TRANSFER / OTHER 1) Pound Sterling Cheque or postal Order (Payable to "APY LTD", Please Write The Order No. at the back of the cheque) 2) By Credit / Debit Card via to pay@kita...
Published: Thursday 25 May, 2017
Recipe: Sunnah Shake – Heavenly BitesTopic: Excerpts - Other
Sunnah shake [Bukhari Volume 007, Book 065, Hadith Number 356. Narrated By Sad : Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) said, “He who eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.“] This shake is a great and simple way to start your fast in a completely...
Published: Wednesday 24 May, 2017
Finally, The Complete English Translation of Fi Zilal al Qur'anTopic: Customer Experience
By the grace of Allah the Complete English Translation of Fi Zilal al Qur'an is now available: "In The Shade of The Qur'an By Sayyid Qutb", Complete 18 Volumes, Published by the Islamic Foundation UK. The Project which began with the translation of Juz Amma, (Volume 18) is now completed In The ...
Published: Tuesday 23 May, 2017
Benefiting from our differences By Mohammad Akram NadwiTopic: Articles
​The clear command of God is that when the believers are in dispute over a matter, they should defer it to God and His Messenger, that is to say, the Book and the Wisdom. (Wisdom is that sense and quality of judgement which is given to the Messengers, along with revelation, so that they can em...
Published: Friday 19 May, 2017
Preparation For Ramadan By Adnan Murtaza NadwiTopic: Articles
Fasting of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam as narrated on the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said : "Islam has been built on five [pillars]: testifying that there is no god but ...
Published: Thursday 18 May, 2017
Goodword Books: Reasonable Prices & Good RangeTopic: Customer Experience
Goodword is an award-winning publishing company with a splendid range of Islamic books and Islamic gifts. Innovative products for children, including Quran stories, moral stories, craft and activity books, gift packs, Islamic games, Arabic and Islamic readers for home and school. In addition to t...
Published: Monday 15 May, 2017
Authors of the Art BooksTopic: Short Biographies
This article is containing among the short biographies of the authors for art books as M.H. Morgan, M.F.Gulen, Mohamed Amin and Hilmi Aydin: Hilmi Aydin, currently the manager of the Division of Sacred Relics at the Museum, has photographed and presented this absolutely unique collection in a har...
Published: Saturday 13 May, 2017
Find kitaabun on Facebook and TwitterTopic: Customer Experience
For regular updates on new books, back in stock items and new articles you may now follow us either facebook or Twitter: Like us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter On These Pages we Aim at Posting Short Reminders:- Quote from the Qur’an and Hadith - Information and reviews on Classical...
Published: Friday 12 May, 2017
Book Categories at KitaabunTopic: Customer Experience
Qur'an Hadith Classical Arabic (Qur'an) Pioneer Collection Classical Works Translations In English Other Collections Semi Classical Complete Tafseer Short Collections Study & Commentary Partial Tafseer Study & History Other (On The Qur'an) Journey Through the Qur'an Belief & Practices Seera...
Published: Wednesday 10 May, 2017
Sha'ban 1438 (May 2017)Topic: Newsletters
The month of Sha'ban Sha'ban is the name of the (eighth) month, and it is so called because in this month the Arabs used to disperse (tasha''aba) in search of water, or it was said that they dispersed to carry out raids and forays. Or it was said that it is so called because it sha'aba (branches ...
Published: Tuesday 09 May, 2017
EXPECTED ARABIC BOOKS BY 10 JUNE 2017, IN SHA ALLAH Le Sahih De Muslim Avec Commentaire Nawawi, Arabic - French Imam An-Nawawi Le Sahih De Muslim Avec Commentaire Nawawi, Arabic - French B#3873 5C5 HB 6880pp 10 vols DKI, Tr. Hamza Yahayawi, Recueil Des Hadiths Authentiques Du Prophète £249.95 Nur ...
Published: Saturday 06 May, 2017
Imam Ghazali on Sin : From Minhajul AbideenTopic: Classical - Excerpts
Imam Ghazali on Sin : From Minhajul Abideen: One who takes to Repentance is facilitated to worship Exalted Allah. When a man is addicted to sins, he is deprived of the virtue and facility of worship because of the curse of his sins. sins stand in the way of service and obedience to Allah. The bur...
Published: Thursday 04 May, 2017
Female-led Prayer, Right or Wrong? By Yasmin MogahedTopic: Articles
Question By Sarah On March 18, 2005 Amina Wadud led the first female-led Jumu`ah Prayer. On that day, women took a huge step towards being more like men. But, did we come closer to actualizing our God-given liberation? Answer By Yasmin Mogahed Salam Sarah, Thank you for your inspiring qu...
Published: Friday 28 April, 2017
Isra wal mi'raj : The Night Journey of The ProphetTopic: Newsletters
"Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing." T.M. Quran (17:1) Isra On the 27th Night of Rajab a year before the Hijra a miraculous night-journey...
Published: Tuesday 25 April, 2017
Please Note: DUE to UK & Muslim Holidays there will be NO UK Deliveries & Orders will not be Processed On the Following Dates Monday 01 May 2017 (Early May Bank Holiday) Monday 29 May 2017 (Spring Bank Holiday) 24, 25, 26 & 27 June 2017 (Eid-al-Fitr - Exact Dates To Be Conf...
Published: Monday 24 April, 2017
10 Teachings of Prophet Muhammad on EnvironmentTopic: Newsletters
Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Environment Did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) say anything about saving our planet? Did he promote any ideas or practices relevant to the world's growing concern about the future of the earth and its resources? Today, with the increasing...
Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017
10 Teachings of Prophet Muhammad on EnvironmentTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Environment Did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) say anything about saving our planet? Did he promote any ideas or practices relevant to the world's growing concern about the future of the earth and its resources? Today, with the increasing...
Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017
Isra and Meraj (The Prophet's Night Journey)Topic: Articles
Isra & Meraj (Based on Authentic Sources) By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips Isra literally means a journey by night and Meraj literally means an elevator, i.e., an instrument which lifts something up. But, in Islam, Isra refers to a miraculous night-journey made by the last Prophet (peace be upon ...
Published: Friday 21 April, 2017
Help The Environment by Not Wasting and Gain ThawabTopic: Articles
More than reading it is very important to implement. here is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is a classic example of paper wastage. If yo...
Published: Thursday 20 April, 2017
The Criticism of Ahâdîth By Taqi UsmaniTopic: Excerpts - Other
An Excerpt from The Authority of Sunnah By Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani The Criticism of Ahâdîth Although the task of preserving the ahâdîth through all the four ways mentioned earlier, including compilations in written form has been performed with due diligence throughout the first four centu...
Published: Wednesday 19 April, 2017
Young Explorers' Adventures in Makkah By Abu ZaynahTopic: Excerpts - Other
Young Explorers' Adventures in Makkah By Abu Zaynah Foreword : Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari Editor : Ibrahim Uthman-Morrison Illustrated By Mariam Safdar Paperback 70 Pages ISBN : 9781367579842 Publisher : Islampedia ‘This book is intended to serve as a guide for when you and your young on...
Published: Monday 10 April, 2017
17 Types Of Sadaqah Every Muslim Man & Woman Should KnowTopic: Articles
17 Types Of Sadaqah Every Muslim Man and Woman Should Know Sadaqah is not only linked with money. We often think that taking out money from our earnings are Sadaqah, but there are many ways we can do it! These are the 17 types we can take out Sadaqah In sha Allah : 1. Dua If you are ju...
Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017
Short, Sharp & to The Point Quranic AdviceTopic: Quotes
Al Quran : 1. Do not be rude in speech (3:159) 2. Restrain Anger (3:134) 3. Be good to others (4:36) 4. Do not be arrogant (7:13) 5. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199) 6. Speak to people mildly (20:44) 7. Lower your voice (31:19) 8. Do not ridicule others (49:11) 9. Be dutiful to par...
Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017
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