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Guarding The Tongue By Maulana Khalid DhoratTopic: Articles
Guarding The Tongue By Maulana Khalid Dhorat There was a lady who visited her doctor for a check-up. She explained to him that whenever she used a certain organ in her body, she found herself in trouble. It would become so bad at times that her brother starts fighting with his sisters, her husban...
Published: Monday 12 February, 2018
↵ Ancient Celtic Pagans For many centuries before Christianity, the pagan Celts in ancient Britain and Ireland celebrated the eve and day of their New Year, called the Samhain, on October 31st. In the Celtic language, Samhain (or Samain) meant “End of Summer”. During Samhain Eve, it was...
Published: Friday 09 February, 2018
Ten Things We Waste By Ibn Qayyim al-JawziyyahTopic: Articles
10 THINGS WE WASTE (based on a lesson of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah) 1. Our Knowledge - Wasted by not taking action with it. 2. Our Actions - Wasted by committing them with out sincerity. 3. Our Wealth - Wasted by using on things that will not bring us ajr. We waste our money, our status, ...
Published: Tuesday 30 January, 2018
Islam and the Problem of Evil By Timothy WinterTopic: Articles
Islam and the Problem of Evil By Timothy Winter – Summarised by Haroon Sidat In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Generous Dr Winter begins by outlining a number of approaches to the question of theodicy in Islam. Firstly, that patience and virtuous endurance will lead to a reward later o...
Published: Monday 22 January, 2018
What is a Madhhab and Why is it necessary to follow one?Topic: Articles
What is a Madhhab and Why is it necessary to follow one? By Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller (2000) The word madhhab is derived from an Arabic word meaning "to go" or "to take as a way", and refers to a mujtahid's choice in regard to a number of interpretive possibilities in deriving the rule of Allah f...
Published: Thursday 18 January, 2018
The Rise and Fall of Muslims Rule in SpainTopic: Articles
The Rise and Fall of Muslims Rule in Spain It was during the rule of Umayyad Caliph Walid bin Abdul Malik in 711 AD when Muslims entered Spain. Spain then, was governed by the Visigothic rulers: Julian, the governor of Gibraltar while Roderick governed the entire Spanish peninsula. Way back in...
Published: Saturday 13 January, 2018
Is Arabic Easy - Can You Assure Me By DrVaniya.comTopic: Articles
Is Arabic Easy - Can You Assure Me I was asked this question by an Arabic student and I answered it with our Shaykh's Dr. Abdur Rahim's checking Administrator of 1) Firstly, one should have correct Iman in the Arabic language and believe with certainty, that it has been made easy ...
Published: Friday 05 January, 2018
Chronological List of Prominent Hanafi JuristsTopic: Articles
Jurist Work/s Date (AH) SECOND CENTURY Abū Hanīfah al-Numān ibn Thābit Kitāb al-Āthār 80-150 Abū Yūsuf Yaqūb ibn Ibrāhīm Al-Amālī/Kitāb al-Kharāj 113-182 Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybānī Al-Asl, al-J...
Published: Friday 22 December, 2017
Rabiul-Awwal Marks the Birth of the Final Messenger Muhammad (S)Topic: Articles
Rabiul-Awwal Marks the Birth of the Final Messenger Muhammad (Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam) "Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect." (TM Qur'an 33:56) O Allah, send prayers upon Muhammad and the follower...
Published: Thursday 23 November, 2017
Welcome To The New Arabic Teaching ResourceTopic: Articles
Welcome to the new Arabic teaching resource of the respected Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim. View Shaykhs outstanding scholarly profile, over 50 dedicated years of teaching the Arabic sciences to non-natives around the globe, 30 years as Professor of Arabic and then Director, at the world renowned Islaa...
Published: Tuesday 07 November, 2017
Safar: The second month of the Islamic Hijri calendarTopic: Articles
Safar: The second month of the Islamic Hijri calendar The origin of this word has few theories: The first says that when the pagan Arabs went on their looting expeditions they would leave their houses empty or sifr meaning void. The second theory says that the word is derived form the Ara...
Published: Tuesday 24 October, 2017
Islam in China By Mohammed KhamouchTopic: Articles
Islam in China By Mohammed Khamouch The Great Mosque of Guangzhou is also known as Huaisheng Mosque which means Remember the Sage (A Memorial Mosque to the Prophet) and is also popularly called the Guangta Mosque which translates as The Beacon Tower Mosque. Huaisheng Mosque is located on ...
Published: Monday 16 October, 2017
MUHARRAM: A SACRED MONTH Imam Ghazali said in Ihya 'Ulum al-Din: Fasting is definitely desirable in certain meritorious days, some of them being found in every year, others in every month, and others in every week. Those that are found in every year after the days of Ramadan are: the Day of '...
Published: Saturday 30 September, 2017
Hijri New Year 1439 & The Fast of AshuraTopic: Articles
Hijri New Year 1439 & The Fast of Ashura Wise are those who grab available opportunities before being handicapped by obstacles. As we enter the new hijri year,Let us reflect on the good we have done and seek Forgiveness for the bad we may have done. What is gone, is gone, it is no use crying...
Published: Monday 25 September, 2017
The Islamic (Hijri) Year and Months: Muharram & SafarTopic: Articles
The Hijrah New Year 10 Muharram ('Ashura) is a day of Importance The Messenger of Allah (S) Said 'The best of fasting after Ramadan is fasting Allah's month of Muharram.' - (Reported by Muslim) The Prophet Muhammad (Salla-Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) was asked about fasting on the Day of Ashura...
Published: Thursday 21 September, 2017
Virtues of The Day of Ashurah: 10th OF MUHARRAMTopic: Articles
THE MONTH OF MUHARRAM The first month Muharram is one of the four sacred months that Allah has mentioned in the Holy Qur'an: "Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred...
Published: Wednesday 20 September, 2017
The Significance of Muharram, Ashura & KarbalaTopic: Articles
The Significance of Muharram "Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred. That is the correct religion, so do not wrong yourselves during them." - [TM Qur'an al-Tawbah 9:3...
Published: Friday 15 September, 2017
ISLAMIC CONTRIBUTIONS TO SCIENCE By: Aminuddin Ahmad The Islamic empire in the early 6th. centuries were the inheritors of the scientific tradition of late antiquity. They preserved it, elaborated it, and finally, passed it to Europe (Science p3). At this early date, the Islamic dynasty of the U...
Published: Thursday 07 September, 2017
Toddlers Book Gift IdeaTopic: Articles
Toddlers Book Gift Idea All About Prayer (Salah) Activity Book (Stickers, Colouring &) Kube & IF Kids All About Prayer (Salah) Activity Book (Stickers, Colouring &) #5508 1E2 PB 32pp, By Aysenur Gunes, Islamic Foundation, Illustrated By Ercan Polat, colouring puz Makkah and Madinah Activity Book (...
Published: Monday 04 September, 2017
Takbeer From the Day of Arafah (9th) to Asr of 13th Dhul HijjahTopic: Articles
From the day of Arafah (the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah), up until the Asr Prayer on the thirteenth day, are days in which the takbeers should be said. Imam al-Khattaabee (d.456H) (RA) said: The wisdom behind saying the takbeers in these days is that in the times of jaahiliyyah (pre-lslamic era), the...
Published: Tuesday 29 August, 2017
Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur RahimTopic: Articles
Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim Received the Madihur Rasool Sadaqatullah Appa Award 2012 CE for outstanding Arabic Scholar, from the Department of Arabic, Persian & Urdu, University of Madras, India (see ceremony below); * Received the national award for Outstanding Arabic Scholar in 1997 CE confe...
Published: Monday 28 August, 2017
Ten days of Dhul Hijjah - make them count By Shaikh Imran MograTopic: Articles
Ten Days : Make Them Count By Shaikh Imran Mogra Introduction The forthcoming pages have been collected to help us understand the role that the ten dates of Dhul Hijjah have in our lives. Days, Months and Years In the life of a Muslim, Allah, in His infinite wisdom, has attached signifi...
Published: Friday 18 August, 2017
Al-Udhhiyah (Qurbani): Blood Sacrifice of Eid al-AdhaTopic: Articles
Al-Udhhiyah - Qurbani - Blood Sacrifice of Eid al-Adha' The jurists disagree about sacrifices whether they are obligatory or a sunnah. Imam Malik and Imam Shafi'i held that it is one of the sunna mu'akkada (emphatic sunnah). Imam Malik made an exemption in the case of the pilgrim for relinquishin...
Published: Tuesday 15 August, 2017
Sahih Al-Bukhari Arabic-English Table of ContentsTopic: Articles
Content Book 1: Revelation Book 2: Belief Book 3: Knowledge Book 4: Ablutions (Wudu') Book 5: Bathing (Ghusl) . Book 6: Menstrual Periods Book 7: Rubbing hands and feet with dust (Tayammum) Book 8: Prayers (Salat) Book 9: Virtues of the Prayer Hall (Sutra of the Musalla) Book 10:...
Published: Friday 11 August, 2017
Testing, Affliction and Calamities: Shaykh Dr. Saalih As-SaalihTopic: Articles
Testing, Affliction and Calamities By Shaykh Dr. Saalih As-Saalih رحمه الله Delivered on May 20th, 2006 The Shaykh رحمه الله began by praising Allah سبحانه  ...
Published: Tuesday 08 August, 2017
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