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"There is no good in most of their secret conferences, apart from the one who enjoins charity and kindness and peace-making among people, whoever does that, seeking the pleasure of Allah, we shall bestow on him a great rewards"
(TM Qur'an An-Nisa: 114)

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Khalid Bin Al-Waleed (Sword of Allah) By A.I. Akram Chapter 1: TTopic: Excerpts - Other
Extract from Khalid Bin Al-Waleed (Sword of Allah) By A.I. Akram A Biographical Study of the Greatest Military General in History. Wrestling was a popular pastime among the boys of Arabia, and they frequently fought each other. There was no malice in these fights. It was a sport, and boys were t...
Published: Tuesday 29 March, 2005
One Who Ignores His Prayers From Fiqh-us-Sunnah by As- Sayyid STopic: Excerpts - Other
Not praying and denying its obligation is seen as disbelief and places the person outside the religion of Islam. All scholars agree on this point. They base their opinion on several hadith, some of which are: Source:Fiqh-us-Sunnah by As- Sayyid Saabiq Translators included Muhammad Sa'eed Dabas, Jam...
Published: Tuesday 22 March, 2005
The Challenge of Our Time by Roger Du PasquierTopic: Excerpts - Other
From Unveiling Islam by Roger Du Pasquier Translated by T J winter from the French Original, Published: 1992 by The Islamic Texts Society 2002 It seems that nothing on earth can still escape the crisis which convulses the modem world. To speak of the crisis of a civilisation is not enough, since th...
Published: Wednesday 02 March, 2005
The Third Strand By Gai Eaton from: Remembering God ReflectionsTopic: Excerpts - Other
From Remembering God Reflections on Islam by Gai Eaton Published by The Islamic Text Society, Cambridge UK So how can I convey something of the flavour of Islamic piety? Once upon a time there was an old man living in a remote part of Africa, then a French colony and now called Mali. He died in 194...
Published: Wednesday 02 March, 2005
Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud: The Companions of The ProphetTopic: Excerpts - Other
Companions of the Prophet - Abdul Wahid Hamid Paperback Published by MELS- Muslim Education Literary Services, UK When he was still a youth, not yet past the age of puberty, he used to roam the mountain trails of Makkah far away from people, tending the flocks of a Quraysh chieftain, Uqbah ibn M...
Published: Saturday 26 February, 2005
The Qira'aat of the Qur'ân by Abu Ammaar Yasir QadhiTopic: Excerpts - Other
An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'aan Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi The word 'qir'aat' is the plural of 'qiraa'a', which comes from the root q-r-a meaning, 'to read, to recite.' 'Qiraa'a' means the recitation of something. In Qur'aanic sciences, it refers to the various ways and manners of reci...
Published: Wednesday 23 February, 2005
The Status of the Mosque in the Islamic Society (Shaykh M Al-GhaTopic: Excerpts - Other
The status of the Masjid in the Islamic society makes it the source of spiritual and material guidance: it is the hall of worship, the school for knowledge and the club for literary pursuits. Strongly attached to the duty of prayers and the rows of worshippers are moral attitudes to the duty of pray...
Published: Monday 10 January, 2005
Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktum (The Companion of the Prophet)Topic: Excerpts - Other
From: "Companions of The Prophet", Vol. 1, By: Abdul Wahid Hamid. Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum was a cousin of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Mother of the Believers, may God be pleased with her. His father was Qays ibn Za'id and his mother was Aatikah bint Abdullah. She was called Umm Maktum (Mother of the ...
Published: Friday 03 December, 2004
An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'anTopic: Excerpts - Other
Ulum al Quran An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'an Introduction and Chapter 1 AHMAD VON DENFFER
Published: Saturday 18 September, 2004
Deep Thinking by Harun YahyaTopic: Excerpts - Other
Most people think that in order to "think deeply", one needs to put one's head between one's hands, withdraw to an empty room, and isolate oneself from all other people and affairs. Indeed, they make such a big thing of "thinking deeply" that they find it too difficult, and conclude that it is a qua...
Published: Wednesday 08 September, 2004
JESUS' LIFE - By Harun YahyaTopic: Excerpts - Other
Jesus Will Return Harun Yahya According to the historical sources, Mary was born at a time when the chaos mentioned earlier in the book was happening, when Roman oppression was real, and the Jews were impatiently awaiting the Messiah's arrival. She was a descendent of `Imran, whose family had been ...
Published: Friday 27 August, 2004
The Last Battle for The Truth by : Abdassamad ClarkeTopic: Excerpts - Other
All of this is taking us up to the beginning of our story. The Byzantine Empire was Christian, but they persecuted all the other types of Christians, including those who really followed the revelation given to 'Isa, peace be upon him. The ones who really followed him then were very few. Today, perha...
Published: Tuesday 13 July, 2004
What Should We Say?Topic: Excerpts - Other
Sample Page From: A Selection of prayers for daily use -Compiled and explained by A.R.KIDWAI & F.M. D'Oyen -Hardback 35 Pages 8"x8"
Published: Friday 02 July, 2004
Conditions to claim the right of ijtihadTopic: Excerpts - Other
Understanding the Four Madhabs by Abdal Hakim Murad Paperback Booklet of 30 Pages Why four schools of thought? Is it necessary to follow one? Discussion on these and other questions. A great book for those confused about this subject.
Published: Wednesday 30 June, 2004
The Farewell Pilgrimage By Martin LingsTopic: Excerpts - Other
The Farewell Pilgrimage When the Prophet was in Medina during Ramadan it was his wont to make a spiritual retreat in the Mosque during the middle ten days of the month, and some of his Companions would do the same. But this year, having kept the ten appointed days, he invited his Companions to re...
Published: Tuesday 08 June, 2004
Foreword to Volume 1 Ma'riful Qur'an by Mufti Taqi UsmaniTopic: Excerpts - Other
Ma'ariful-Qur'an is the name of a detailed Urdu commentary of the Holy Qur'an written by my father Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi'. He was one of the eminent scholars who served as a professor and as a grand Mufti of Darul-Uloom Deoband, the well-known university of the Islamic Sciences in the sub-con...
Published: Sunday 06 June, 2004
Table of Contents The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf alTopic: Excerpts - Other
Al-Halal (the lawful): That which is permitted, with respect to which no restriction exists, and the doing of which the Law-Giver, Allah, has allowed. Al-Haram Al-Haram (the prohibited or unlawful): That which the Law-Giver has absolutely prohibited; anyone who engages in it is liable to incur the ...
Published: Saturday 05 June, 2004
Table of Content : Principles of Islamic JurisprudenceTopic: Excerpts - Other
From: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Mohammad Hashim Kamali 1. Introduction to Usul al-Fiqh 2. The First Source of Shari’ah: The Qur’an 3. The Sunnah 4. Rules of Interpretation I: Deducing the Law from its Sources 5. Rules of Interpretation II: al-Dalalat (Te...
Published: Wednesday 26 May, 2004
Introduction to Usul al-FiqhTopic: Excerpts - Other
From: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Mohammad Hashim Kamali I. Definition and Scope Usul al-fiqh is concerned with the sources of Islamic law, their order of priority, and the methods by which legal rules may be deduced from the source materials of the Shari’ah. It is also concerned with re...
Published: Wednesday 26 May, 2004
Allah Gave Me Two Eyes to SeeTopic: Excerpts - Other
Published: Tuesday 11 May, 2004
Table of Contents : Let Us Be Muslims by. Syed Abul ‘Ala MaududiTopic: Excerpts - Other
Published: Friday 07 May, 2004
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