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Abandoning Prayer (Salah); A Major sin in IslamTopic: Todays Salah times
Ibn Al-Qayyim explained: The person who abandons prayer will be raised with such a foursome because his neglect of prayer may be due to his involvement with his property, his country, his administrative work or his trade. Therefore, if he was involved with his property he will be ressurected with Qa...
Published: Tuesday 10 February, 2015
Guidelines to help you observe Fajr Salah - Morning PrayerTopic: Todays Salah times
Most surely all praise belongs to Allah, we praise Him and we seek His Aid and Forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allaah from the evils of our souls and from the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allaah guides there is none to misguides and whomsoever He misguides their is none to guide. I send prayers a...
Published: Wednesday 02 July, 2008
Dua Istekhaara: Supplication for seeking Guidance From AllahTopic: Todays Salah times
One who seeks guidance from his Creator and consults his fellow believers and then remains firm in his resolve does not regret for Allaah has said: (ii) ‘…and consult them in the affair. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allaah…” An Excerpt From Fortification of the Musl...
Published: Thursday 09 February, 2006
Today's Salah Times London (Search Other Cities and Countries)Topic: Todays Salah times
Today's Salah Times, Prayers Times, Fajr, Dhohar, Asr, Maghrib and Isha Guard the prayers strictly, especially the middle (asr) prayer. {TM Qur'an 2:238
Published: Thursday 15 April, 2004
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Yet each day that passes is a portion (gone) of a lifetime.

 Yusuf al-Qardaawee