English Translations of the Meaning of the Qur'an and Ahadith

"[This is ] a blessed Book which We have reveled to you [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses
and that those of understanding would be reminded"
[Surah 38:- Sa'd : 29]

"No person can afford to be ignorant of the Qur'an, for it is the constitution revealed by God (Allah) to regulate and govern human life. It speaks with perfect knowledge of the Creator about his creation. It exposes the truth. It contains important information about human destiny and that of the individual. It educates and raises men to the highest moral, intellectual and social level when they strive to comprehend it and apply its teachings to life."
[Taken from Saheeh International translation] 

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10 Teachings of Prophet Muhammad on EnvironmentTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Environment Did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) say anything about saving our planet? Did he promote any ideas or practices relevant to the world's growing concern about the future of the earth and its resources? Today, with the increasing...
Published: Saturday 22 April, 2017
Short, Sharp & to The Point Quranic AdviceTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Al Quran : 1. Do not be rude in speech (3:159) 2. Restrain Anger (3:134) 3. Be good to others (4:36) 4. Do not be arrogant (7:13) 5. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199) 6. Speak to people mildly (20:44) 7. Lower your voice (31:19) 8. Do not ridicule others (49:11) 9. Be dutiful to par...
Published: Thursday 06 April, 2017
When 15 Traits Befall This NationTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
When 15 Traits Befall This Nation​ 'Hadhrat Ali ibn Abi Talib (R.A.) said, "The Prophet Muhammad (P.U.B.H) said: 'If my Ummah bears fifteen traits, tribulation will befall it.' Someone asked, 'What are they, O Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H)?' He (P.B.U.H) said, 1) When any gain is shar...
Published: Tuesday 04 April, 2017
Do Not...Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
Do Not ​Selected Prohibition Verses in the Qur'an Do not be rude in speech (3:159) Do not be arrogant (7:13) Do not ridicule others (49:11) Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (17:23) Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (24:58) Do not follow anyone bl...
Published: Wednesday 15 March, 2017
Sihah Sittah : Introduction & Their Famous SharhTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Sihah Sittah : Introduction & Their Famous Sharh 1) Sahih Bukhari Full Name: Al-Jame' Al-Sahih Al-Musnad Min Hadith RasoolAllah (P.B.U.H) Wa Sunanihi Wa Ayyamihi. Compiled by Muhammad Bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Mughirah bin Bardizbah al-Jo'fi al-Bukhari. Born : 194 AH Death : 256 AH ...
Published: Monday 06 March, 2017
The Ten Readers and Their TransmittersTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
The Ten Readers and their Transmitters The Ten Readers and their Transmitters The Seven Readers and their transmitters Qari (Reader) Rawi (Transmitters) Name Born Died Full name Additional info Name Born Died Full name Additional info Present region of use Nafi‘ al-Madani 70 AH 169 AH - 785 CE[...
Published: Monday 21 November, 2016
Dr. MIH Farooqi: An Expert of Qur'anic PlantsTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
A Chat with an expert of Quran Plants By Nick Leech, English Daily The National, Abu Dhabi, June 19, 2015 Dr. Mohammed Iqtedar Husain Farooqi, born 7 April 1936, Barabanki (U.P.). He holds (Chemistry) and Ph.D. (Plant Chemistry) from AMU, Aligarh. In some ways, it was probably inevitabl...
Published: Thursday 14 July, 2016
Kitaabatul Qur'anTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Before the advent of the printing press, each copy of the Qur'an were calligraphered ( written by hand), and for this purpose, there always has been, in every age, a large group of calligraphers whose sole purpose in life was (and still is) nothing else except the calligraphy of the Qur'an. The cal...
Published: Thursday 31 March, 2016
Surah Maryam (19): An Overview (Ayahs 88 - 98)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
And they say, "The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son." -Surah Maryam Ayah 88 You have done an atrocious thing. -Surah Maryam Ayah 89 The heavens almost rupture therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation -Surah Maryam Ayah 90 Tha...
Published: Tuesday 15 September, 2015
Selected Ayah on Hajj K1TAABUNTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
And proclaim to the people the Hajj ; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every distant pass TMQ 22:27 And , when We designated for Ibrahim the site of the House, [saying], "Do not associate anything with Me and purify My House for those who perform Tawaf a...
Published: Tuesday 08 September, 2015
What The Qur'an Says on Living Under OppressionTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
*What The Qur'an Says on Living Under Oppression* *By Sayyid Qutb* *{To those whom the angels gather in death while they are still wronging themselves, the angels will say: “What were you doing?” They will answer: “We were oppressed on earth.” (The angels) will say: “Was not God’s earth so s...
Published: Friday 30 May, 2014
Important ​Books on How to approach the Qur'an ​Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
Important ​Books on How to approach the Qur'an ​ Al-Fawz Al-Kabir Fi Usul Al-Tafsir By Shah Waliyyullah, New English Khairul Katheer Commentary On Shah Waliullah's al-Fauzul Kabeer The Perfect Guide to the Sciences of the Qur’an By Imam as-Suyuti Introduction to The Principle...
Published: Thursday 20 March, 2014
Dua When Strong Wind BlowsTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Published: Monday 28 October, 2013
Hadiths of The Month : Selected Sayings of The Holy Prophet(SAW)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
The buyer and the seller have the option to cancel or to confirm the deal, as long as they have not parted or till they part, and if they spoke the truth and told each other the defects of the things, then blessings would be in their deal, and if they concealed something and spoke lies, the blessing...
Published: Friday 06 September, 2013
Ayaat of the Month (Selected Verses From The Holy Qur'an)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
And who is more astray than he who invokes besides Allah those who will not respond to him until the Day of Resurrection, and they, of their invocation, are unaware. Surah Al-'Ahqaf Ayah 5 And those who have been given knowledge see that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, an...
Published: Friday 30 August, 2013
The Obligations Muslims Owe to the QuranTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
These obligations? Or, in other words, what does the Qur’an demand of us? The Qur’an makes five demands of every Muslim (Men or Women). Put in a simple language, these demands are as follows: A Muslim is required: 1. to believe in the Qur’an; (Belief in the Divine origin of the Qur'an and an att...
Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013
Hadiths of The Month : Selected Sayings of The Holy Prophet(SAW)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
Narrated by Abu Qatada Al-Aslami (RA): Prophet (SAW) said, “If anyone of you enters a mosque, he should pray two Rakat before sitting.” (Bukhari) Narrated Anas (RA): The Prophet (SAW) used to pray a short prayer in congregation but used to offer it in a perfect manner. (Bukhari) He who obser...
Published: Friday 26 July, 2013
Ayaat of the Month (Selected Verses From The Holy Qur'an)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
And establish prayer and give zakah and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience]. Surah Al-Baqarah Ayah 43 And We have certainly established you upon the earth and made for you therein ways of livelihood. Surah Al-'Araf Ayah 10 So be patient with gracious patience. Sur...
Published: Friday 19 July, 2013
Hadiths of The Month : Selected Sayings of The Holy Prophet(SAW)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
Salaat on the Day of Qiyaamah, will be a light, a proof and a means of salvation for the one who guarded it. (Ahmad, Darami, Baihaqi, Shu'bul Imaan) A time will come when people will devour usury, calling it "trade." (Bukhari, Muslim). If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge Allah w...
Published: Friday 28 June, 2013
Ayaat of the Month (Selected Verses From The Holy Qur'an)Topic: Qur'an & Hadith
So direct your face toward the religion, inclining to truth. [Adhere to] the fitrah of Allah upon which He has created [all] people. Surah Ar-Rum Ayah 30 And you do not will except that Allah wills. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise. Surah Al-Insan Ayah 30 He created the heavens and...
Published: Friday 21 June, 2013
The Qur'an Arabic Text With Corresponding English MeaningsTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
One of the Best available Translations Currently Available. This is a simpler, clearer and easier to read translation than many of the popular ones which proceeded it. Saheeh International reviewed each verse in Arabic with reference to several works of Arabic tafseer and grammar, choosing cont...
Published: Wednesday 19 June, 2013
Mushaf Al Tajweed Qur'an Lataif al Yusra Min Al Qir'at al 'AshraTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
Mushaf Al Tajweed Qur'an Lataaif al Yusra Min Al Qira'at al 'Ashra The Ten Recitations of The Qur'an (Arabic Only): Tajweed Qur'an with the ten recitations of the Quran. Hardback about A4 Size Published By: Dar-Al-Maarifah, Damascus, Syria The ten recitation that are mentioned in this Mus...
Published: Friday 19 April, 2013
15 Ways to Increase Your Earnings From the Qur'an and SunnahTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
One of the blessings that Allah has given His servants is that of a convenient means of financial exchange, i.e. money. Money has since grown to become one of the most' prized possessions of mankind, and like so many elements of the dunya, serves to test the obedience of Allah's servants by chall...
Published: Tuesday 24 July, 2012
7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Qur'an and its MeaningTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Qur'an and its Meaning. (1) Intimate: It dares you to disprove it. How? It says that humans can not write a book like this even if they pooled all their resources together and got help also from the spirits. The Qur'an said this fourteen hundreds years ago and ...
Published: Wednesday 02 May, 2012
The Definition of Hadith and its TypesTopic: Qur'an & Hadith
The Definition of Hadith and its Types In the nomenclature of the majority of the Hadith specialists, a Hadith means: It is the reported speech of the Messenger of Allah, whether this is: (a) explicit (sarih) or (b) implicit (hukmi). It is also the action of the Messenger of Allah, also sp...
Published: Thursday 19 May, 2011
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