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Malfoozat: Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas By Manzoor Nomani Arabic
[DD#4817 6J2 PB 176pp, Idara Ishaat-E-Diniyat, Malfoozat, Discourses, Tabligh Jamaat]

Malfoozat: Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas By Manzoor Nomani Arabic
Malfoozat : Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas - Arabic Only
Compiled and Edited By Al Sheikh Muhammad Manzoor Nomani 
Translation to Arabic and Revised By Abdul Waheed Malik Abdul Haq
Paperback 176 Pages
ISBN : 8171012981
Publisher : Idara Ishaat-E-Diniyat 
About The Book
Short talks by the distinguished scholar and the founder of Tabligh Jamaat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas.
Tablighi Movement was started by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (1886-1994) in 1927 among the Meos of Mewat region south of Delhi, India. This movement was a response to degeneration and degradation of the Muslims in India. The maulana had realized that the Muslims were drifting away from the basics of Islam so there was a need for a teaching vehicle aimed at the vary basics.
His Motto was 'Aye Musalmano, Musalman bano' (Muslims, become Muslims). He began reforming them through six basic articles:
1) Understanding the true Meaning and Purpose of the first Kalimah (there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger), 
2)Salah (Namaz) (offering five-times daily prayers),
3) Ilm (acquiring knowledge) & Dhikr (remembrance of Allah),
4) Ikram-e-Muslim (respect for Muslim),
5) Ikhlas-e-Niyat (faithful intention) and
6) Tabligh (spreading the message of Allah) Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil.
The Tabligh Movement is Probably the Largest Organised Muslim Movement in the World Today, it's yearly Ijtema's (Gatherings) can attract hundreds of thousands of people.
Although most Tabligh members are Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi, but the Ijtema now attracts believers from the Middle East, Turkey, and from as far afield as Japan, western Europe and north America.
AboutMaulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani
The late MaulanaMuhammad  Manzoor Nu'mani is a very well known Hadith Scholar in the Indian Sub-Continent. A contemporary of Shaikh  Sayid Abul Hasan Nadwi  and  had very close links with Nadwa.. He Settled in Lucknow after he had begun his Dîni work in Bareilly. On the insistence of its, authorities, he taught hadîth at Nadwa  and remained a member of the administration for a very long period.
He was a very active teacher and lecturer and has written many books, booklets and magazine articles.  He is the Author of  the well  known  Ma'ariful Hadith: Meaning&Message of the Traditions  (a very lucid and comprehensive 4-Volume introduction to the Hadith for the general reader)..
He also established the journal Al-Furqan, now under the editorship of his son Maulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nu'mani.

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