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From Here We Start & From Here We Know: Khalid & al-Ghazali
[#3850 1G1 PB 2 vol Set IBT, K Muhammad Khalid & Rebuttal by Shaykh M al-Ghazali, political analysis]

From Here We Start & From Here We Know 
Book 1 By Khalid Muhammad Khalid
Book 2 By
Muhammad al-Ghazali
Translated By Ismail Raji al-Faruqi
Paperback 227 & 208 pages 
2 Volume In 2 Books
Size : 21.5 x 14.6 cm
ISBN : 9789675062704 & 9789675062728
Publisher :
Islamic Book Trust (IBT), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About The Book

Volume One is Written by Khalid Muhammad Khalid when he had socialist views (and later changed as can be seen by his well know book Author of Men Around the Messenger).

Volume Two is a rebuttal By the well known Scholar Muhammad al Ghazali.

Recent events in the Arab world have provoked a tsunami of analysis from political commentators. Only a minority of commentators with longer historical memories have sought to locate these events in the context of the long history of popular reactions against the result of western hegemony in Muslim societies.

These two classic titles by socialist Khalid Muhammad Khalid and Islamic scholar Muhammad al-Ghazali, first published in the 1950s, represent very different ways of understanding the deep tensions that have long characterised Muslim societies.

About The Authors

Khalid Muhammad Khalid studied Islamic law at al-Azhar University. He was influenced greatly by the liberal ideology of the Wafd Party as championed by authors such as Ahmad Amin and Taha Husayn. He joined the opposition group al-Hay'a al-Sa'diyya, founded by Ahmad Mahir and Mahmud Fahmi al-Nuqrashi, who had split from the Wafd Party, and he wrote critically of the government of Mustafa al-Nahhas, whom his party opposed.

He was jailed and released, but imprisoned again in 1950 after the publication of this widely successful book 'From Here We Start', which was banned by the government. 
The book advocated a representative government and socialist economic policies such as nationalization of means of production and limited private property, and it is said to have greatly influenced Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose government Khalid strongly supported. His opposition to the role of religion in the state and his call for the suspension of shari'a led to a strong condemnation from al-Azhar Scholars and to the rebuttal by Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali in the second Volume ' From Here We Know'.

The disenchantment with the failed economic policies of Nasser's government - and the transformation of the government into a totalitarian regime - gradually led Khalid to join the Islamic revivalist movement. In 1989 he published Islam and the State, in which he declared that he had misrepresented the historical and political role of Islam, and advocated political solutions closer to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. He wrote more than thirty books and his writings remain influential in Egypt and world wide. His most well know book in English is perhaps Rijal Hawla al-Rasul translated in English as Men Around The Messenger

Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali was one of the most influential Islamic scholars of the twentieth century, both as an author and in the field of Da'wa. Born at Buhayrah, Egypt in 1335/1917, he received his schooling at the Alexandria Religious Institute before entering the Faculty of Usul al-Din at the University of al-Azhar.

In 1362/1943, al-Ghazali was appointed Imam and lecturer at al-Maktaba al-Khadra in Cairo. He later became a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a close associate of Shaykh Hasan Al-Banna. During the early 1950s he worked for the Islamic Movement in various capacities. Subsequently his work for Islam extended over many parts of Africa, Asia. Europe and America as well as the Arab countries.

Between 1391/1971 and 1410/1989, Shaykh al-Ghazali rose through the ranks of the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, to become Undersecretary for Islamic Da'wa, His academic career included spells of teaching at the universities of Umm al-Qura (Makkah) and Qatar: and he served as a Chairman of the Academic Council first of al-Amir 'Abd al-Qadir University, at Constantine, Algeria, and later of the international institute of Islamic Thought at Cairo

Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali published over sixty books, several of which have been published in translation. Probably the most important is 'Journey through the Qur'an' (al-Tafsir al-mawdu' li-suwar al-Quran al Karim). He received many awards in recognition of his contribution to learning and Da'wa. He died in 1416/1996 while attending a conference in Saudi Arabia. Rahimahullah.


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