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Biomedical Issues Islamic Perspective A Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
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Biomedical Issues Islamic Perspective A Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
:-250411Biomedical Issues: Islam Perspective
By Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
PaperBack 197 Pages
AS Noordeen, Malaysia

The book addresses the Muslim dilemma when confronted with some of the biotechnological innovations which relate to the precautionary measures to prevent the birth of children, technological manipulation in order to overcome infertility and the termination of fetal life and thus pose serious problems.

The author analyses these biotechnological issues under the broad teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah so as to ascertain their legality under the Shari'ah. Proper grasp of the implications of these issues within the Islamic framework is expected to provide perplexed Muslims with the necessary guidance in the event that circumstances demand that they opt for either contraceptive devices or modern techniques to overcome infertility or abortion.

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