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Creation Mystery: Quran And Science By Moid Siddiqui
[I#5242 4E2 HB 180pp 8174356193 Adam Publishers, Mystery of Universe, Easy to understand, Simple Lang]

Creation Mystery: Quran And Science By Moid Siddiqui

Creation Mystery: Quran And Science 
By Moid Siddiqui
Hardback 180 Pages
ISBN : 8174356193
Publisher :
Adam Publishers, New Delhi, India

About The Book

The creation story is a deep mystery. What Science and Cosmology could tell us so far is not fully revealing. The ‘Copernicus Model’ that created problem for the Church in 1540 was only partially factual. The ‘Copernicus Model’ has become obsolete the day Science discovered that not only the Earth but also the Sun moves on its orbit. The ‘Newtonian Model’ of ‘Static Universe’ is no more acceptable. Today the scientists have discovered that the entire cosmos is expanding. Science has been changing its claims about Cosmos quite frequently!

Against this backdrop, the author of this book, Moid Siddiqui, claims that what Holy Qu’ran had mentioned more than 1400 years back still holds good, and that, many scientists, including Dr. Maurice Bucaille, who wrote many books on ‘Qur’an and Science’, have mentioned clearly that Qur’an is the word of God, beyond an iota of doubt.

Human beings boast upon their knowledge, little realizing that their knowledge is imperfect and incomplete. What we know is nothing! What we don’t know is almost everything. Yet, we are proud of our so-called knowledge about cosmos!

Moid Siddiqui, has broken many such myths. He has also boldly challenged the ‘Darwinian Theory of Evolution’ and proved it illogical through this logical approach as well as by quoting many scientists, who consider the model, absurd.

Though many authors have written many books on similar themes, Moid Siddiqui’s ‘The Creation Mystery: Qur’an and Science’ stands out. It has a different flavour and different outlook. He has not used the scientific jargons and cosmological vocabulary. He has written the book in simple language, which can be understood by a common reader with no knowledge of science or cosmology.

About The Author

Moid Siddiqui is Managing Director of Intellects Biz, a consulting company known for conducting innovative workshops for managerial cardres and top teams. He is popularly known as Management Monk in corporate sector.

He has authored books on management themes and books on Islam. Two of his management books were adjugded as "Best Book of The Year", during 1995-96 and 2005-06. His articles were published in global professional journals like American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) "Training and Developer".

Moid Siddiqui is a triple Post Graduate. He obtained the Master's Degree in "Political Science" and later in "Sociology" and completed his Post Graduation in Business Management as well.

He has also carried out a research study on "Performance Management System" at the Internation Resource Center, UK and participated in Global Convention organised by the State of the World Forum at San Fransisco, California in October 1999 on "Envisioning and creating a Sutained Compassionate Society."


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