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Muhammad the Ideal Prophet Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi, IBT
[#2301 1F2 PB 180pp, Malaysia, Mohiuddin Ahmad, Khutbât-e-Madrâs, A Historical, Practical, Perfect M]

Muhammad the Ideal Prophet Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi, IBT

Muhammad the Ideal Prophet
Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi

Paperback 180 pages
IBT , Malaysia
ISBN 9789839154306

This book took shape from a series of lectures given by the author in 1925 at Madras, India. In these lectures the author vividly presents the life of the Prophet as an abiding historical model - not an utopian ideal - for all humanity. This book is a must for every student of religion.

Syed Sulaiman nadwi, a noted historian and scholar, born in  1884 in Desna village of Patna, British India. His father, Hakeem Sayyed Abdul Hasan was a pious Sufi, he became a disciple of Maulana Mohiuddin and of Shah Sulaiman Phulwari. From there he went to Darbhanga where he studied for a few months at Madrasa-e-Imdadia.

In 1901, he was admitted into Dar-ul-Uloom Nadva at Lucknow. He studied for seven years at Nadva. Young Sulaiman's first article, Waqt (Time) was published in the monthly Urdu Journal Makhzan edited by Sir Sheikh Abdul Qadir. In 1905, Maulana Shibli came to Lucknow as Secretary of Nadva. Sulaiman came under the influence of Shibli whose literary heir he was destined to be. There was another student at Nadva at this time who came from Calcutta. He was none but Abul Kalam Azad. Both Sulaiman and Azad were favourite pupils of Maulana Shibli Nomani. Soon Sulaiman was chosen to carry on Maulana Shibli's work. In 1906, he graduated from the Nadva. Shibli appointed Sayyed Sulaiman sub-editor of journal, An-Nadwa. In 1908, Sulaiman nadwi was appointed an instructor of Modern Arabic and Dogmatic Theology at Dar-ul-Uloom Nadva.

Aligarh Muslim University conferred on him the honorary degree of Doctorate of Literature (DLitt) in 1940.

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