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Believing As Ourselves (honest narration of life of a Convert)
[#2661 2G8 PB 170pp,9781590080078, J Lynn Jones,Amana Publications, {trials & obstacles that she enco]

Believing As Ourselves (honest narration of life of a Convert)

Believing As Ourselves:
By  J Lynn Jones

Paperback  170 Pages
Foreword By
Jeffrey Lang
Amana Publications USA

About The Book 

In Believing as Ourselves, the author, an American Muslim of 16 years, brings to the forefront the indispensable importance of personal authenticity to the maintenance of faith.

The author asserts that all too often "non-native" Muslims, in their well meaning zeal, throw away the very parts of their identity that, not only led them to Islam in the first place, but ultimately make them who they are- - in so doing creating the impossibility of a true and vibrant connection with God.

Not simply an exposé on the difficulties to be found within the Islamic community, Believing as Ourselves, is packed with advice for those who find themselves struggling to reconcile the gap between the sometimes, bitter, reality of actual life within the faith, and the Islamic ideal they so cherish. In the words of Dr. Jeffrey Lang, author of the books, Struggling to Surrender, and Even Angels Ask, "…She (the author) reaches out to them with practical, hard earned wisdom and carefully thought out advice on how they can overcome the many distractions and hardships, and reclaim that initial determination, internal strength, and sense of authentic faith that was once theirs." -And they so deserve.

J. Lynn Jones is a writer and mother of two. She lives in a modest home under the shadow of a grove of giant cedar trees in suburban Washington state.

A compelling and honest narration of life of a female American convert to Islam and the trials and obstacles that she encountered in her struggle to attain authentic self-surrender to God. Although her personal experience provides the backdrop for the book, it brings to light all of the common challenges to which converts are exposed, and provides poignant suggestions and counsel on how to effectively come to terms with them.

Note From  www.kitaabun.com

There is so much to learn from this Books not only for Female Converts from which point it is written but to all Male and Female Converts as well as  Born Muslims. There are few  unwelcome truths about the Muslim Community and about ourselves that we all witness yet tend to somehow  ignore..

It is has to be pointed out that the author has made some unfair generalisations regarding Muslim Communities  in the West and has tackled one or two issues without proper Islamic understanding.

It is a great pity that majority of Muslim communities in the late  eighties and  nineties were driven by the literalists who:

Perhaps ignored the importance of  Spiritual aspects of Islam which is the only protection one has from the evil around us.

Twisted the Classical Islamic knowledge to fit into their own brand of Islam

As a result those new to Islam were denied the great treasure of spirituality and Classical Islamic Knowledge and as a result many have had a horrible experience living within Muslims as the author expresses in this book.

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