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Al Budur Al-Bazighah: The Rising Moons By Shah Waliyullah
[Ai#1232 3I5 HB 284pp Kitab Bhavan, Tr. Prof G N Jalbani, philosophical themes, Reality of Being, For]

Al Budur Al-Bazighah: The Rising Moons By Shah Waliyullah

Al Budur Al-Bazighah 
The Rising Moons

By Shah Waliyullah
Translator : Prof G N Jalbani
Hardback 284 Pages
Publisher : Kitab Bhavan, India 

About The Book

In this work Shah Wali Allah has discussed many philosophical themes. He does not take philosophy as probing into the subtleties of speculation in which philosophers are interested, or knowing the reality of the disclosures made by the mystics in an intuitive state of mind. 

The study of Philosophy, according to him, is useful because it guides man in his search for wisdom, pursuit of knowledge and study of natural sciences.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Glorification-cum-blessing
  • Introduction
  • Reality of Being
  • Forms
  • Human Specific Nature


  • Predictions of Humanity
  • Rational Soul
  • Cardinal Virtues
  • Supplement
  • Socio-Economics
  • First Phase
  • Domestic Philosophy
  • Acquired Philosophy
  • Exchange
  • Co-operation
  • Third Phase
  • Qualifications of a Leader
  • Qualifications of a Qadi
  • Corruption of Citizens
  • Military Expedition
  • Teacher of People
  • Chief of People
  • Helpers of Leader
  • Caliph of Caliphs
  • Customs 
  • Corruption of Phases
  • Internal Constitutions
  • Reality of Socio-Economic Development


  • Predictions of Humanity
  • Names of God
  • 99 Names of God
  • Commentary of the Verse
  • Faith in Destiny
  • Reality of Man
  • Three Veils
  • Creation of Worship from Benevolence
  • Aspects of Polytheism
  • Trials, Resurrection
  • Emanation of Evil 
  • Kinds of Evil 
  • Trials
  • Future Life
  • Stage of Grave
  • Punishment and Blessing in Grave
  • Gathering, Paradise, hell
  • Punishment
  • Ranks of People
  • Perfect Persons
  • Ashab Yamin
  • Ashab A’raf
  • Hypocrites
  • Merit of Actions
  • Proof of Prophecy
  • Classes of Prophets, Stages of Revelation
  • Predications of prophet
  • Angel and Devil


  • Last Religion
  • Religion and Laws
  • Necessary Religion
  • Reality of an Upright Religion
  • Sciences of Prophets
  • Objects of Law of the Holy Prophet
  • Principles of Religion
  • Cleanliness
  • Prayer
  • Poor Tax
  • Fast
  • Pilgrimage
  • Litanies
  • Fine Characters
  • Evil Customs
  • Advice 
  • Index 

About The Author

Qutb al-Din Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-Rahim, popularly known as Shah Waliyullah,lived at a critical juncture of Muslim history. India had enjoyed the peaceful and prosperous rule of the Mughals for more than 200 years, but by the time of Shah Wali Allah, mutually hostile principalities had begun to emerge. 

Many of the newly emerging quasi independent states were the result of the rising influence of the militant Maratha, Sikh and Hindu communities and Muslim power and glory in the sub-continent, as in other parts of the world, were gradually eroded. It was at this time of utter despair and despondency for Muslims that Shah Wali Allah was born.

He is among the later scholars who carried the traditions of Al-Ghazzali and Imam Shatibi in combining the essential of Shari'ah, its understanding, development and interpretation to the issues and problems of life. He like Al-Ghazzali took deep stock of Akhira as the explaining point of the relationship between worldly existence and the Hereafter in a meaningful way.

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