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Conquest of the Sahabah| Futuhush Sham & al-Misr al-Iskandriyyah
[#3845 2F2 HB 2 VOL,Imam Al Waqidi English: S Al-Kindi, ZAM ZAM. Fath Syria Egypt Kurdistan]

Conquest of the Sahabah| Futuhush Sham & al-Misr al-Iskandriyyah

Conquest of the Sahabah
Futuhush Sham al-Misr al-Iskandriyyah
By Al-Imam Al-Waqidi
Translated by Mawlana Sulayman Al-Kindi (South Africa)
Hardback 2 VOL very good quality with box
Zam Zam Publishers

Good English Translation

"Glory be to Allah, the keys of Syria have been given to me," proclaimed Rasulullah (S.A.W) at a time when Muslims were facing complete destruction. Yet fourteen years later, Yazid bin Abi Sufyan (R.A) marched into Caesarea, the last Roman stronghold of resistance in Syria.

This book consists of 2 Volumes
Volume 1
Modern Day Syria Including Damascus
Baytul Muqaddas

Arabic classic detailing the Muslim advance into Sham. The English reader has, for the first time, the opportunity to read about the epic struggle of a small ill-equipped band of Muslims that overthrew the superpower of the time.
Classical Syria Comprises of
Greater Syria (Arabic: سوريّة الكبرى‎), also known simply as Syria, is a term that denotes a region in the Near East bordering the Eastern Mediterranean Sea or the Levant.
Volume 2
Fath Misr wal Iskandriyyah (Egypt - Memphis & Alexandria)
Futuh Diyar Bakr wa Ard Rab'ah
Futuh al- Iraq
Fath al-Bahansa

About the Author

Al-Imam al-Waqidi, the great historian, was born at the beginning of 130 Hijri in al Madinah, where he began his studies. He migrated to Iraq in 180 Hijri during the reign of Mamun ar-rashid. There Yahya al Barmaki welcomed him due to his great learning and he was included as one of Mamun's elite. He was soon appointed as judge and held this post until his death in 207 Hijri.

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