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The Precious Pearl:Al-Jami's Al-Durrah al Fakhirah(817H)
[#1727, 0791414906 with Commentary of al-Lari(912H), 1n2,PB,237pp,SUNY Press,Tr by Nicholas Heer, [Su]

The Precious Pearl:Al-Jami\'s Al-Durrah al Fakhirah(817H)

The Precious Pearl 
Al-Jami's Al-Durrah al Fakhirah 
Abd al-Rahman al-Jami 
Translated by Nicholas Heer 
With the Commentary of Abd al-Ghafur Al-Lari
Paperback 237 Pages
ISBN-10: 0791414906 ISBN-13: 978-0791414903
Published by The State University of New York Press

The book is also known as Risalah fi TahqiqMadhab al-Sufiyah wa-al-Mutakallimin wa-al-Hukama (A Treatise dealing with the verification of the doctrine of the Sufi's, The Theologians and the Philosophers)

In this book al-Jami examines questions that Islamic theologians, philosophers, and Sufis had long debated. On each question al-Jami first presents the views of the philosphers and theologians. He then presents the Sufi view as a clearly superior position, either because it reconciles the opposing views of the theologians and philosophers, or because it avoids problems that their doctrines entail.

Nur-Al Din Abd ar-Rahman ibn Ahmad al-Jami was a great scholar and Sufi , born in a town in the district of Jam in the present day Iran and died in Herat (Khurasan) in what is now Afghanistan  circa  898 AH. He excelled in various fields, such as grammar, philosophy, logic, theology and jurisprudence, in which  he followed the Hanafi school. In addition he was a refined poet of the Persian and Arabic  languages. 
He was initiated into the Naqshbandi Order by Sa's al-Din al-Kashghari and Ala al-Din al-Attar.

Al- Jami lived in Persia (Iran) shortly before the Safavid conquest which commenced in 905 AH /1500 CE. It is for all practical purposes a matter of consensus amongst historians that the people of Iran were overwhelmingly of the Ahl as-Sunnah before the Safavid takeover..

Abd al-Ghafur Al-Lari (d. 912 H) was both a Murid (desciple) and a shagird (student) of Mawlana Abd al-Rahman al-Jami . 

Nicholas L. Heer is Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Table Of Contents

1. The Author of al-Durrah al-Fakhirah
2. Al-Jami's Works
3. Al-Durrah al-Fakhirah
4. 'Abd al-Ghafur al-Lari, the Author of the Commentary on al-Durrah al-Fakhirah
5. Other Commentaries on al-Durrah al-Fakhirah
6. The Arabic Texts
7. The Establishment of the Texts
8. Notes on the Signs and Symbols Used

Notes to the Introduction

The Translation of al-Jami's al-Durrah al-Fakhirah

Preface [on the Existence of the Necessary Existent]
Ramification [on the Sufi Doctrine of the Unity of Existence]
On His Unity
On His Attributes in General
On His Knowledge
Further Substantiation [of the Sufi Position]
That His Knowledge of His Essence is the Source of His Knowledge of All Other Things
On His Will
On His Power
On the Question of Whether an Eternal Effect Can Depend on a Free Agent or Not
On His Speech
That His Contingent Being has No Power
On the Emanation of Multiplicity from Unity

Notes to the Translation of al-Durrah al-Fakhirah

The Translation of al-Jami's Glosses on al-Durrah al-Fakhirah

Notes to the Translation of al-Jami's Glosses

The Translation of al-Lari's Commentary on al-Durrah al-Fakhirah

Notes to the Translation of al-Lari's Commentary

List of Works and Articles Cited

Glossary of Terms

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