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Bequest: Al-Wasiyya By Shaykh al-Hafyan (Samaniyya Order)
[978-0863723186 #1784 1T1 PB 84pp Garnet Publishing Tr: Uthman Sayyid Ahmad Ismail al-Bili]

Bequest: Al-Wasiyya By Shaykh al-Hafyan (Samaniyya Order)

The Bequest : Al-Wasiyya (Samaniyya Order)
By al-Shaykh Abd al-Mahmud al-Hafyan
Translator : Uthman Sayyid Ahmad Ismail al-Bili
Paperback 84 Pages  
Size: 235 x 155 mm
ISBN : 9780863723186
Publisher : Garnet Publishing Limited Incorporating Ithaca Press

About this book

A great Sufi leader, an accomplished Maliki scholar, a poet and an erudite, spirited writer, the late al- Shaykh Abd al-Mahmud al-Hafyan of Tabat (1919—1973), author of The Bequest (Al-Wasiyya), left a great legacy of scholarly works in all fields of the traditional Islamic sciences. Yet although his contributions to the science of the sharia are outstanding, it is his contributions in the field of haqiqa that most highly rank him amongst the most distinguished of Sufi Muslims.

Sharia for Sufi Muslims is the base of their belief, laws and practice. Haqiqa is the essence, the fundamental truth that leads, through worship, devotion and the love and fear of Allah, to the knowledge and recognition of the Divine, Allah. It paves the way to harmonious living in this world and to eternal bliss in Paradise. Thus to describe Sufism simply as mysticism and Sufis only as mystics  is to deny both their base and their legitimacy. The haqiqa of the Sufi Muslim cannot exist without the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Prophetic traditions).

This translation of the Wasiyya,. The Bequest, is but an approximation of the deep yet elegantly and lucidly stated meanings of the sharia and the haqiqa of Islam. It addresses not only the followers of the Samaniyya Order, or even all Muslims, but all men and women, young and old, who care to listen to the advice of a noble spirit and a great Sufi Muslim, whose influence transcends his time and place.

The author al-Shaykh Abd al-Mahmud al-Hafyan (The Bare-footed) bin al-shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jayli bin al-Ustadh al-Shayk Abd al-Mahmud al shaykh Nur al-Dayim bin (The Great Qutb al-Shaykh Ahmad al-Tayyib bin al-Shaykh al-Bashir born in 1919 in the town Tabat Gezira, Central Sudan.


It is incumbent on you, my Sons and devotees, to review your deeds, to take stock your words and to examine them in the light of Truth. If they outweigh in His Scale, stick to them, and if they weigh less in His scale, abandon them. This is because the combination of truthful deeds with eternal knowledge and good conduct is the apparent picture of the complete love of Allah and His Messenger. It is the ornament that remains and adorns when all others vanish and fade away. So wear my ornament in measured perfection. Forever I shall live with you.


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