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Stories from the Muslim World By Huda Khattab H/B[Taha]
[#0156 1I1, HB 41pp TAHA, Colour, Illustrations, A4,, Fascinating collection on faith, courage and he]

Stories from the Muslim World By Huda Khattab H/B[Taha]
Stories from the Muslim World
Huda Khattab
Ages 7 upwards, 41 Pages Hardback, With Colour Illustrations

A rich and fascinating collection of stories of faith, courage and heroism sensitively written for children by the author of the best-selling The Muslim Woman's Handbook. Some of these wonderfully exciting stories are well-known and loved because they have been handed down from generation to generation, while others are less well-known and so will come as a pleasant surprise to those who read or hear them read for the very first time. Brightly colored illustrations accompany these stories, in order to help bring the different types of dress, art and culture of different countries more vividly alive in the imagination of young readers.

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