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What does Islam say? Ibrahim Hewitt
[#0765 1C2 PB 64pp, MET, {Current Issues Such as Abortion, Contraception, Drugs, Racism etc]

What does Islam say? Ibrahim Hewitt

What does Islam say?
Ibrahim Hewitt
Edition: 4th Edition, April 2004
Pages: 64, Paperback, ISBN:   0 907261 34 5
Publisher: Muslim Educational Trust, London UK

What Islam has to say about the major issues of today? 
This discusses many such issues which include 

About abortion? 
Racism? Drugs?
Animal welfare? 
Capital Punishment
And many other Issues

This informative book covers all these subjects and many more, and has proved to be of interest to people of all ages who want to know more about the faith which is rarely out of the news.

Ibrahim Brian Hewitt is a well known British convert to Islam and has served as  Ex-secretary of Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), current headmaster of the Al Aqsa Muslim school in Leicester, former Governor of the Yusuf Islam "Islamia" School Education Board and Director at the British Islamic Council. He was also journalist many years ago. He holds a Master's degree in education and is finishing his PhD in “Islamic education in the West”. He was Assistant director for the Muslims Educational Trust from 1989 to 1993.

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