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Emanations of Grace Mystical Poems By Aisha al-Ba'uniyah (d.923)
[#4118 0B5 PB 180 pp,English by Emil Homerin, 9781891785887, Fons Vitaewomen, spirituality, poems]

Emanations of Grace Mystical Poems By Aisha al-Ba\'uniyah (d.923)
Emanations of Grace:Mystical Poems
By A'ishah Al-Ba'uniyah(D. 923/1517)
Translated and Edited By : Th. Emil Homerin
Paperback 180 Pages
ISBN : 9781891785887
Publisher: Fons Vitae (2012)

About The Book
Now, this is a book whose mystical meanings are choices, and its being written down is a divine blessing. Good fortune has named it The Emanation of Grace and the Gatherinig of Union. It contains poetry inspired by Him regarding intimate conversations with the divine and spiritual meanings, states of grace and mystical struggle, matters of desire and passionate ways, serving as a distraction to one who was consumed by desire and drawn by the collar by yearning, who was treated roughly by the beloved, and made ill by the physician, so that talk and gossip swirled about him. Then, he attained union, and separation wsa no more, and God, the exalted, made him the means to union with abundant shares of the epiphanies of glory and beauty, receiving him with approval and good forune, benefits and favors, and He made him acceptable to [the prophet Muhammad], who is especially close[to God], and to all of the axes and the rest of the beloveds. And He is generous, giving beyond measure! (2-5/69-72).

About The Author
A'ishah Al-Ba'uniyah(d. 923/1517) was one of the greatest women scholars in Islamic history. A mystic and prolific poet and writer, A’ishah composed more works in Arabic than any other woman prior to the 20th century. Often, she expressed her great devotion to God and His prophet Muhammad, and spoke of love and longing on the mystical quest for union. She also alluded to her extensive education and mystical training, and her own particular life experiences, which are often reflected in her verse. Her many writings were read and copied by later generations of admirers who preserved her substantial literary and mystical legacies. Though many of her works are lost today, several still exist in manuscript including her poetic collection Fayḍ al-Faḍl wa-Jam’ al-Shaml: “The Emanation of Grace and the Gathering Union.” The selection of poems from this volume, edited and translated into English here for the first time, recount A’ishah al-Bācūnīyah’s remarkable story of devotion and mystical illumination.

About Th. Emil Homerin
Th. Emil Homerin is a professor of religion at the University of Rochester, where he teaches courses on Islam, classical Arabic literature, and mysticism. He is the author of numerous books, including From Arab Poet to Muslim Saint; Ibn al-Farid: Sufi Verse & Saintly Life; and Passion Before Me, My Fate Behind: Ibn al-Farid and the Poetry of Recollection; and the editor of The Wine of Love and Life: Ibn al-Farid's al-Khamriyah and al-Qaysari’s Quest for Meaning. He lives in Rochester, New York.

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