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5 Rights of a Muslim Hadith Poster : A2 Size
[#4857 2z2, Color Hadith, Darul Arqam, Arab-Eng, Non Facial Picture, Poster, Rights, Haq, Care of M]

5 Rights of a Muslim Hadith Poster : A2 Size
5 Rights of a Muslim Hadith Poster : A2 Size
Five simple yet beneficial actions are illustrated in this colourful poster.
This poster offer an ideal way to teach and remind children and adults alike of the importance of good conduct through the words of hadith.
Children can learn about simple, everyday actions such as replying to salaams and responding when someone sneezes with this multicoloured poster. 
The hadith is written out in Arabic and English for ease of learning.
"The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: the rights of a Muslim are five." 
Which are mentioned on this Poster as following : 
  • Replying to Salaams.
  • Visiting the Ill.
  • Following the Funeral Procession.
  • Accepting an Invitation.
  • Responding to one that Sneezes.

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