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Highway of the Practices of The Prophet: From Risale-I Nur
[#5818 4E2 PB 174pp Sozler Publication, By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Tr. Mu'cizat-i Ahmediye]

The Highway of the Practices of The Prophet (SAW)
From Risale-I Nur collection

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Translator : Mu'cizat-i Ahmediye
Revised By Shukran Vahide
Paperback 174 Pages
Publisher : Sozler Publications

About Risale-i-Nur Collection

The Risale-i-Nur explains Islam and belief to modern people in their own terms and according to their own world-view. Analysing both belief and unbelief, Said Nursi used clearly reasoned arguments to prove that the Qur'anic conception of God and His unity, Prophethood and bodily resurrection and all others are the only rational explanations for the existence, humanity and the universe.

Using easily understood stories, comparisons and explanations, Said Nursi produced categorical proofs showing that modern scientific discoveries actually support and reinforce the truths of the Religion. He used the Qur'anic methodology of addressing each person's intellect and all inner and outer facilities to encourage people to study the universe and its functioning in order to understand creation's true nature and purposes, This, in turn, leads to learning the One Creator's Attributes and their own duties as God's servants. 

About The Author

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was born a century ago, in 1873, in a village in eastern Anatolia, Nurs, from which he received the name Nursi. He received his basic education from the best-known scholars of the district.

The extraordinary intelligence and capability of learning that he showed at a very early age made him popular with his teachers, colleagues and the people. When he was sixteen years old, he silenced the distinguished scholars who had invited him to a debate (debate was then a popular practice among scholars).

This later recurred several more times with various groups of scholars, and he thereby began to be called Bediuzzaman (Wonder of the Age). 

​The time he spent in education paved the way in his mind for the thought that at a time when the world was entering a new and different age, where science and logic would prevail, the classical educational system of theology would not be sufficient to remove doubts concerning the Qur'an and Islam.

He concluded that religious sciences should be taught at modern schools on the one hand, and modern sciences at religious schools on the other. "This way," he said, "the people of the school will be protected from unbelief, and those of the madrasa from fanaticism."

After completing a lifetime of almost a century, with every minute spent in the service of faith, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi departed from this world on the morning of March 23, 1960, with complete honour, dignity and victory, leaving behind him the Risale-i Nur Collection that would illuminate this and the forthcoming centuries and a love that would be handed over from generation to generation until eternity.

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