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Among His Signs: An Illustrated Guide To Allah's Creation
[4j5,HB, 226pp, Large, Full Colour, Exhibition Islam, {Ideal Gift to Muslim, non Muslim, young & old]

Among His Signs: An Illustrated Guide To Allah\'s Creation

"So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?" 
TM Quran (55:16)

Among His Signs - An Illustrated Guide to Allah's Creation
Hardback Large Portrait Book In Full Colour 227 Pages
Published By Exhibition Islam

Full colour with 100`s of photography and images 2828 x 28 cm
Ideal Gift Idea :  For Muslims, Non-Muslims, Children as well as Adults

Further contains an informative chapter on the basics of Islam and includes a unique gallery of its stunning images. 
To view the PowerPoint click here

Among His Signs, is the second in a series of thoroughly exhilarating publications by Exhibition Islam. In similar fashion to Exhibition Islam's existing best seller 'The Islam Guide', this new publication expounds upon some of the most spectacular aspects of creation. By combining verses from the Holy Qur'an, explanatory text and a collection of specialist imagery throughout the 229 pages, 'Among His Signs' uncovers some of the splendours of Divine Creation.

In this beautifully presented colourful hardback book you will:

Uncover the hidden mysteries of Outer Space, with its graceful silence and incomprehensible vastness. Explore the Earth Environments in their breathtaking and dramatic natural surroundings. Discover the complex Kingdom of Plants with its astounding diversity, miraculous structure and array of colours. Be amazed at the alien World of Creatures, with its most vivacious and indeed terrifying spectrum of living things. And finally, be overwhelmed by the sophisticated and perfect design behind the creation of Humankind.

About Exhibition Islam

Exhibition Islam is an independent non-profit making organisation that specialises in promoting a greater understanding of Islam in both the domestic and international arenas. By utilizing alternative educational resources that are delivered through professional ?museum style? exhibitions. Exhibition Islam creates a modern setting that allows visitors to discover the richness and intensity of the Islamic faith.

Exhibition Islam partially owes its success to its unique approach. Through a combination of our professional approach, breathtaking design and accurately delivered information, Exhibition Islam creates an environment that is thoroughly educational and enjoyable for visitors from all backgrounds. The atmosphere is further refined through the fusion of additional sights, sounds and smells of the Islamic world.

Exhibition Islam was launched in London, UK in 1993. As expected, this new style of delivery was not fully absorbed by a community that were accustomed to more traditional and cultural methods of Islamic education. Regardless, Exhibition Islam was beginning to capture the imagination of many organizations throughout the UK and by the turn of the new millennium, Exhibition Islam was fast emerging as the leading exhibition provider in the industry. Over the last five years, Exhibition Islam has been at the forefront of raising global Islamic awareness and promoting a greater understanding of Islam.

Having attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors over the past decade, Exhibition Islam has established its name as the leading Islamic exhibition provider in the West. Exhibition Islam has delivered and hosted exhibitions in many different locations including museums, mosques, universities, training schools, prisons, schools, shopping centres, and many other venues around the UK and the world.

To date, Exhibition Islam has exhibited at numerous locations and sites in the UK. Some of the more renowned organisations that Exhibition Islam has worked with are: Central London Mosque (Regents park), Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (London), London Muslim Centre, East London Mosque (Whitechapel), Ashmolean Museum (Oxford), London HSBC Bank (Canary Wharf) and St James Park (Football stadium).

Apart from hosting and co-hosting regular events, Exhibition Islam also offers its services to special events and ceremonies. In the past, Exhibition Islam has provided support material for the openings of Edinburgh Mosque, London Muslim Centre and the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

Exhibition Islam has also made progress in Europe and America. 2006 witnessed the introduction of Exhibition Islam to Scandinavia. In June 2006, Exhibition Islam co-hosted an Islamic event ? the first of its kind in Denmark, outside the Danish Parliament. Exhibition Islam has also agreed to host an event during the Doha Asian games in December 2006 and will launch a tour of Norway in March 2007.

"So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?" 
TM Quran (55:16)

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