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Waswasah Whispering of Shaitan:Ibn Qudamah & Ibn Qayyim
[#1002 4E3 PB 94pp,Waswasah Whispering of Shaitan: Firdous UK, Dham Al-Muwaswiseen wat-Tahdheer Mina]

Waswasah  Whispering of Shaitan:Ibn Qudamah & Ibn Qayyim

Waswasah : The Whispering of the Shaitan
The Interpretation of the book: 'Dham Al-Muwaswiseen wat-Tahdheer Minal Waswasah'
By Imam and Scholar Muwafaq Deen bin Qudaam al-Hanbali (ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali )
Written by Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Juziyyah,

Translated by: Abdallah Elaceri
Publisher: Al-Firdous Ltd, London (2003)
Pages: 94 Binding: Paperback

Discussion of many related topics, such as:

  • Niyyah in taharah and salaah
  • Excessive use of water in wudu and bathing
  • Disregarding any waswasah about breaking wudu
  • Things that people are harsh in implementing
  • Carrying children during salah
  • Use of water left in open containers

    This book is an abridged translation of the original work in Arabic titled "Dham al-Muwaswiseen wat-Tahdheere minal Waswasah" by Imam Muwafaq Deen bin Qudaama al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali.

Muwaffaq al-Din 'Abd Allah ibn Ahmad ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali was a noted Islamic scholar of the Hanbali madhhab, author of ''Al-Mughni', (the main Hanbali 'fiqh'' manual) as well as 'Mukhtasar Minhaj Al-Qasidin' (a summary of Ghazali's 'Ihya ulum ad-din') and ''Tahrim an-Nazar' ('Censure of Speculative Theology', an attack on Ibn_Aqil's rationalist views.) He was born in Jerusalem, and died in Damascus In the Year 620 Hijri

About Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Sham Al-din Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr, Ibn al-Qayyim (Qayyem) al-Jawziyya. He was born in Damascus, Syria in 691 A.H/.1292 C.E, and he studied under his father who was the local attendant (qayyim) of al-Jawziyya school. Later on, he pursued his quest for knowledge at the hands of renowned masters and scholars of his epoch, as well as he studied the works and teachings of sufi masters known in his time. His schooling centered around Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and the science of prophetic traditions.
In the year 712/ 1312 at the age of 21 he joined the study circle of Imam Ibn Taimiyyah who kept him in his company as his closest student and disciple, who later on became his successor.

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