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Pearls & Corals: Al-Lu'lu' Wal Marjan, From Bukhari & Muslim
[#1004 4A1 HB 1015pp 2 Vol Set Darussalam, Compiler: Fuwad Abdul-Baqi, Tr. Dr. M Muhsin Khan, Ahadith]

Pearls & Corals: Al-Lu\'lu\' Wal Marjan, From Bukhari & Muslim

Pearls & Corals
Al-Lu'lu' Wal Marjan

Compiled By Fuwad Abdul-Baqi
Translator : Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
Hardback 1015 Pages
2 Volumes Set
Size : 7 x 10" 
ISBN : 9789960740676
Publisher : Darussalam

Arabic - English

About The Book

A collection of agreed upon Ahadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim, which have been titled as "Pearls & Corals" due to the value and authenticity of the ahadith. A master piece book translated into very simple English language for every kind of reader. It should be a part of personal collection of books of each Muslim.

This 2 volume books set contains a collection of sayings, actions, and approvals of the Prophet from the two most authentic Sources of Ahadith, Al-Bukhari and Muslim, which have been titled as diamonds and pearls due to the value and authenticity of the ahadith.

In Imam Bukhari's "Al-Jami-al-Sahih' (Sahih Al Bukhari) the Imam had recorded all the Sayings of the Prophet which he found to be genuine after thorough examination and scrutiny. 

He spent sixteen years in research and examined more than sixty thousand Sayings from which he selected some 7,275 Sayings whose genuineness and accuracy he established beyond the slightest doubt. Deducting duplicates, the Imam's collection contain about four thousand distinct Sayings.  

Sahih Muslim comes next to Sahih Bukhari. However, in certain respects Muslim is considered superior. Imam Muslim strictly observed many principles of the science of Hadith which had been slightly ignored by his great teacher Imam Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on both of them). 

Imam Muslim considered only such traditions to be genuine and authentic as had been transmitted to him by an unbroken chain of reliable authorities and were in perfect harmony with what had, (been related by other narrators whose trustworthiness was unanimously accepted and who were free from all defects

Short Biography of Imam Bukhari

Some History on Sahih Bukhari

Please Note : On the purchase of this book, you will receive a copy of below book as a free gift

An Explanation of the Treatise: Meaning of Statement of Tawhid
By Ash-Shaykh Al-Mujaddid Muhammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahhab
Explanation By Ash-Shaykh Al-Allamah Salih Al-Fawzan
Paperback 32 Pages
Publisher : Darul Imam Muslim




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