Islamic Manners By S.M. Madni Abbasi, Adam Publishers - India
[i#1031 3D1, PB 328pp, Adam Publishers, Adaab, Eating, Communicating, Visiting Sick, Appearance]

Islamic Manners By S.M. Madni Abbasi, Adam Publishers - India
Islamic Manners
By S.M. Madni Abbasi
Paperback 328 Pages
ISBN : 9788174352132
Publisher : Adam Publishers, India
About The Book
Comprehensive, authentic and fine books for leading an Islamic life in the modern age are badly needed. We present this long-felt necessary book which will guide you in every sphere to lead a true Islamic life. Efforts have been made to make the book as much exhaustive and all-embracing as possible, so as to cover all departments of a Muslim's daily routine. It is, however, a small attempt to help the Muslims particularly the younger generation, to learn the Islamic way of living. It is hoped that it will meet their requirements.
This book discusses essential adab (manners) and covers the following areas: the scope of Islamic manners, importance of appearance, entering and leaving a house, the manners of visiting, the manners of conversation, social manners, communicating with non-Muslims, the manners of eating, weddings, visiting the sick and condolences.

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