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Dearest Sister Why not cover Your Modesty By A H Al-Balali
[#1078 4F4 PB 58pp Dar al-Thakhair, Tr. Wael F Tabba, Women, Modesty, Piety, Hijab, Veil, Hukm of All]

Dearest Sister Why not cover Your Modesty By A H Al-Balali

Dearest Sister Why not cover Your Modesty 
By Abdul Hameed Al-Balali 
Paperback 58 Pages
Translator :  Wael F Tabba
Publisher : Dar al-Thakhair, Damman 

An Excerpt From The Book :

Another group of our young sisters pertain their non-commitment to hide their modesty to the fear of not getting married.

In many cases this dubiosity is shared by our sisters and their parents. It stems from the fear that young men will not ask for the hand of a girl for marriage unless they see her hair, her beauty, and the shape of her body. Therefore if the young woman was covered, then no one will approach her for. In fact Satan uses this fear to stir this dubiosity in their heart.

There are two points that repudiate to this dubiosity : 

The first point: The ideological and theoretical aspect.

Even though beauty is a major reason for marrying a woman, yet it is not the only reason. The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), indicated the different reasons which make men marry. 

He said: A woman is married for four reasons; her wealth, her family, her beauty, and her piety; do your best to win the pious one, may your hand be soiled with dirt (The last phrase is used as a form of affection). (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

The above hadith clearly indicates that people do not seek beauty only. Rather there are reasons and conditions that may be less, more, or as important as beauty. Consequently, assuming (as some of our sisters and their parents do) that beauty is the one and only thing that people are looking for, while searching for a wife is not true. It indicates ignorance of the nature of man.

The second point : The practical aspect.

Many of the young men in our society, insist on marrying a woman committed to covering up her modesty and of good reputation, even though the suitor himself might not be committed. Consequently, displaying the young woman's beauty and make up, may be the reason why young men would not approach a prospective wife. The young men's logic is that if this woman has carelessly ignored a divine order, (which is to cover up her modesty), then it is also likely that she may disregard other divine orders. For the ways of Satan are gradual.

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