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The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad: Ahmad Thompson, Khadija to
[#0111 1I1 Aisha.Maaria,TAHA,103pp, PB ,{Mother of the Believers, Umm ul Mumineen}]

The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad: Ahmad Thompson, Khadija to
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The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

 By Ahmad Thompson
Paperback 104 Pages
ISBN : 9781842001295
Publisher : Ta-Ha Publishers, U.K. 
About The Book
Among the best of women were the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him and his family and Companions.
The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) gives us a glimpse of a humble and yet exalted family whose spiritual beauty has lived on for more than fourteen centuries simply because of a love for them that has never died. 
More significantly, based on reliable sources, it explores the lives of those who shared most intimately in the life of the best of creation, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW): his blessed wives. 
This book is a wealth of knowledge for all Muslim women, both young and old, who wish to follow their example.

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