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Fiqh Course: Volume 1, Taharah, Salaah & Janaa'iz
[#1142,4D4,Compiled and Translated By: Sameh Strauch,PB, 230pp, IIPH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]

Fiqh Course: Volume 1, Taharah, Salaah & Janaa\'iz

Fiqh Course: Volume 1, Tahaarah, Salaah & Janaa'iz
Compiled and Translated by Sameh Strauch
Paperback 230 Pages
IIPH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This course was complied for new Muslims and indeed all English-speaking Muslims and covers tahaarah (Purification), salaah (Prayer) and janaa’iz (Funerals); it is a set out in an easy-to-understand manner, citing evidences from the Quran and authentic ahaadeth. The aim of this book is to provide the reader with a correct, yet uncomplicated guide to the performance of the aforementioned acts of worship. Allah willing, it is the first in a series which will cover all aspects of worship and Islamic Jurisprudence



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