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TasHeelul Level 1 Set : Madrasah Islamic Studies Ages 5-6 years
[#1321 @AF 5 PB Books Made Easy Aqaid Beliefs-Akhlaaq Wal Aadaab Morals-AHadeeth-Hanafi Fiqh&Taa-reek]

TasHeelul Level 1 Set : Madrasah Islamic Studies Ages 5-6 years

Tas Heelul Level 1
School Beginners
Comprehensive Islamic Maddrassah Books (Made Easy)
Jamiatul Ulama Taalimi Board, South Africa.
Set of 5 books includes:
Tas-heelul Aqaid - Beliefs Made Easy
Tas-heelul Akhlaaq Wal Aadaab - Moral and Manners Made Easy
Tas-heelul Fiqh -
The rules of the Shariat
Made Easy (Based On Hanafi Fiqh)
Tas-heelul Ahadeeth - Hadith Words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Sunnah, or Muslim way of life Made Easy
Tas-heelut Taa-Reekh - History Made Easy

Ideal for Madrasah, School or Home Islamic Teaching specially for those following the Hanafi Fiqh

This authentic, comprehensive, and well-paced curriculum was produced by the education board of Jamiatul Ulama, South Africa. The 70 year old organization has put the education of Muslim children as one of its top priorities.

The books handle the subject very thoroughly so that those who benefit from them, Insha-Allah, would not encounter the confusions one finds commonly among the western educated Muslims today.

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