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Prayers of the Prophet: Masnoon Duaas Colour, Pocket size
[I#1337 2k HB 132pp, By Munshi Anis Ahmad, Tr. Abdul Hameed Siddiqi, Easy Arabic (Indo/Pak script)]

Prayers of the Holy Prophet
Masnoon Duaas 

Arabic Text with English Translation & Transliteration
Compiled By Munshi Anis Ahmad 
Translator : M. Abdul Hameed Siddiqi
Hardback 132 Pages 
Pocket Size Booklet
Published in India

About The Book

ARABIC IS CLEAR IN PERSIAN (INDO/PAK) SCRIPT SO AS TO MAKE IT EASY for the non Arabic speaker, Handy Pocket size.

This is a collection of the prayers of the Holy Prophet of Islam taken from the pages of the Holy Qur'an and authentic works of Traditions. 

The Prophet was a great believer in prayers. He made supplications to his Lord with a zeal and fervour rarely to be found in the religious literature of the world.

In this age of gross materialism, a book dealing with prayers may have no great charm, but it is a fact that although denied publicly , the majority of humans are in search of the spiritual side and on many occasions encounter problems, it is on this occasions that one finds solace, peace and comfort in prayers.

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