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Religion On The Rise Islam In The Third Millennium: Hofmann
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Religion On The Rise : Islam In The Third Millennium
By Dr. Murad Hofmann
Paperback 248 Pages
Publisher : Amana Publications
About The Book
In this book, Dr. Hofmann argues that the future development of the present world will be largely influenced by what happens in the Muslim world and to Islam itself. Hence, it is relevant to see the consequences  for the West of a success or failure of a widespread moral and structured regeneration of Islam.
About the Author
MURAD WILFRIED HOFMANN born in Germany in 1931 studied law both at Harvard and Munich Law School. For 33 years he worked in the German Foreign Service and was Ambassador to Algeria and Morocco. In 1980, he embraced Islam and became a (Sunni) Muslim. He has written many articles on Islamic topics in leading magazines and has authored a number of books that include Diary of a German Muslim, Islam: The Alternative, Voyage to Mecca, Islam 2000, Religion on the Rise-Islam in the Third Millennium. Presently Dr. Hofmann lives in Bonn (Germany), giving lectures on Islam in many parts of the world.

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