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Fatawa-i-Qazi Khan With Arabic Text, Hanafi Law 2 Vols
[AI#1504 3H3 HB 1400pp 2 vol,5@7 A4, Kitab Bhavan, By Qazi Khan, Tr/Ed. Yusuf Khan & Wilayat Husain,]

Tagore Law Lectures
Fatawa-i-Qazi Khan 

With Arabic Text  
Relating to Islamic Law of Marriage, dower, divorce, legitimacy and guardianship of minors, according to Sunnies
By Imam Fakhruddin Hasan Bin Mansoor al-Uzjandi al-Farghani d. 592 AH (commonly known as Qazi Khan, A Classical Hanafi Mufti & Scholar )
Translated and Edited by Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Khan Bahadur (Pleader of the Calcutta High Court) and Maulvi Wilayat Husain (Principal, Madarasatul Aliya)
Hardback 1400 Pages
2 Volumes Set
Publisher : Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, India

Full Arabic Text & English

About The Book (Publishers Note)

The Fatawa-i-Qazi Khan is one of the best collection of fatawas of the Hanafi School of thought. 
It consists of two volumes containing 500 verses from the Holy Qur'an and 300 traditions of the Holy Prophet, relating to the subjects of Marriage, Dower, Divorce, Legitimacy and Guardianship of Minors.

  • This Books is an exact reproduction of the Tagore Law Lectures, this work is mostly based on Fatawa (decisions) pronounced by the Qazis. 
  • The works of this nature are numerous and are mostly called “Fatawa” or decisions, with the names of their authors or compilers attached, but most of these contain, beside the decisions, the rules of Law as well. 
  • Some of these Digests treat of 'Fiqh’ alone, others deal with “Faraiz” also, some treat of the decisions of particular lawyers or those found in certain books while others treat of the principles which tend to illustrate the doctrines of several sects A few of them however exclusively record the opinions of learned jurists.

Of the Fatawas of the Hanafi School of thought, the best known are Khula sat-ul.Fatawa by Imam Iftikharuddin Tahir Bin Ahmad Al-Bubbari who died in AH 542, the Zakhira-tul-FataWt by Burhanuddin Bin: Mazal Al-Bukhari, the fatawa i-Kazee Khan by Imam Fakharuddin Hasan Bin Mansur-Al. Uzjandi , commonly known as Kazee:Khan l who died in A..H. 592.

The Fatawa-i-Alamgir compiled during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb. Alamgir is of special interest to Indo-Pakistan and being composed by a large number of the most learned lawyers of the age under the orders of a great Emperor it is esteemed as a very high authority in this part of the world.

This work is held in very high authority. It is replete with cases of common occurrence, and is, therefore, of great practical utility, more especially as many of the decisions are illustrated by proofs and reasoning on which they are founded.

Book I also contain:

  • 500 verses from the Holy Qur'an which constitute the source of the Islamic Law. The Qur'an is usually deemed to contain no more than about 500 verses of legal import which are Listed in this Collection without any attempt to omit those texts which do not bear on the subject. (Although the references only gives Chapter (Surah), Sipara (Part) and Page Number of the Old Translation).
  • 290 traditions of the Holy Prophet (S) relating to the subjects of Marriage, Dower, Divorce, Legitimacy and Guardianship of Minors. (Taken from Mishkat)

This English Translation is from the Tagore Law Lectures During the British Raj. It is Therefore in Old English and with some old Colonial words such as 'Muhammadan Law'. The Print Quality is also not excellent.

Nevertheless we feel that this is an Important Collection for students of Islamic Law as it is based on Classical sources and relevant to Hanafi Fiqh which is the most widely followed. The full Arabic Text is also included in the book

About Qazi Khan

Imam Fakhruddin Hasan Bin Mansoor al-Uzjandi al-Farghani, commonly known as Qazi Khan, was a Hanafi Mufti & scholar; compiler of a large number of essential juristic works and commentaries of Hanafi Fiqh.

He died in 592 AH.


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