Spiritual Odyssey ...of a Recalcitrant Muslim By Asif Ahmad
[Ai#1707 2F4 HB 262pp Adam Publishers, spiritual journey, knowledge, Truth, Unity, Omnipotence of Lor]

Spiritual Odyssey
...of a Recalcitrant Muslim

By Asif Ahmad
Hardback 262 Pages
ISBN : 9788174357359
Publisher : Adam Publishers, India

About The Book

The book epitomizes the spiritual journey of a shattered man, pitted in the crest full of ignorance and sin, only to be illuminated by the radiance of knowledge and Truth, in his quest to seek the Truth. 

The author traverses a long journey in his endeavor to validate the Unity and Omnipotence of the Lord of the worlds. 

In the constitution of the edifice of his odyssey, the author intrudes into the realm of Darwinism, digs out biological truths about the human creation---a comparative analysis of the holy scriptures of the various faiths, and a fine effort to scrutinize the relevance of God's final Testament-the Qur'an in the present scenario.....and many more. 

The author concludes his transcendental voyage substantiating the necessity to understand the attribute of the One True God of the entire human race above anything else.


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