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The Social Living Of Women| Imam Nasa'i's 'Ishrat an-Nisaa'
[#1799 2E2 HB 240PP, Arabic-English, TR: Rafiq Abdurrahman, Darul Ishaat, {400+ Hadith)]

The Social Living Of Women| Imam Nasa\'i\'s \'Ishrat an-Nisaa\'

The Social Living Of Women
Imam Nasai
Translation of Imam Nasa'i's 'Ishrat an-Nisaa' (Arabic-English)
English Translation by Rafiq Abdurrahman.
Hardback 240 Pages
Darul Ishaat

In this book Imam Nasa'i has collected ahaadith (Prophet Traditions) on the subject of social living of women and the Prophet's advice to them. He has also collected Prophetic advice to men on kind treatment of women, mutual living and their responsibilities.

Over 400 Ahadith separated in 117 Captions

Love of Women


Division of time

Chapters of Playing

Manners of Social Living

Chapters on the rights of the Spouses

Blessing of Woman

Imam Abu Abdur Rahman Ahmad ibn Shu'aib an-Nasa'i (r.a) - [215 - 303 A.H.], One of the Prominent Hadith Authorities
Imam an-Nasa'i was born in the town of Nasa' in the province of Khorasan. After gaining hadith from the teachers in his own city, Imam an-Nasa'i travelled through Khorasan, Iraq, the Hijaz, Syria and Egypt collecting ahadith. Egypt was where Imam an-Nasa'i settled and established his center for teaching and studies here.
He Died in Makkah in 303 Hijri

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