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Ittar Non alcoholic Perfume: Alternative Designers 4 Ml
[#1848 ITTAR/ATTAR, Roll On Bottle, perfume scented oil , Alternative to CK1,Cool Water, Armani, Hugo]

Alternative Designers
(to  Western Brands)
 (4 Ml Bottle)
Pure oil  Non-alcoholic Perfume 
Includes Roll on and stick
gift boxed


Alternative to :(Please specify the Number of  your preferred scent in the Comments to your Order
We will send you your preference or the Nearest alternative In Sha Allah )

Alternative To:Quote
Cool Water35
Hugo Boss25
Jean Paul Gautier21
Lady Million50

Perfume was one of RasulAllah's preferred things in this world.
Narrated 'Aisha  (RA)
I applied perfume to the Prophet with my own hands when he wanted to assume the state of Ihram, and I also perfumed him at Mina before he departed from there (to perform Tawaf-al-Ifada).

Eat and drink and wear clothes and be charitable, not being extravagant or self-conceited." (Bukhari).

 'O Children of Adam! wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters.'
{TMQ Al-A'raf (The Heights) 7: 31}


Attar/Ittr is a Persian /Arabic word meaning "fragrance, scent, or essence." Attars have been famous in the Arabia,  Near East, Persia and India for over 5,000 years.
Attar is also referred to as the Most Exotic Natural Fragrance for the Soul.


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