Ikhtiyar li Ta'lil Al Mukhtar: Maudud Mausili al Hanafi, Arabic
[DE#1984 6C2 HB 5 Vol. in 2 books, Dar Al Hadith, Commentary: Abul Latif M A Rahman, Ed. Abdullah Al]

Al Ikhtiyar li Ta'lil Al Mukhtar : Arabic Only
Talif By Al-Imam Abdullah ibn Mahmood Ibn Maudud al Mausili al Hanafi (d. 683 H)
Allaqa Layhi (Commentary) By Abul Latif Muhammad abdul Rahman
Tahqiq: Abdullah Al Manshawi 
5 Volumes in 2 Hardback Books
Publisher : Dar Al Hadith, Cairo, Egypt 

About The Book

Hanafi Fiqh as studied in the first Year of Azhar University an other Islamic Institutions.

This book deals with all Social, Economical, Political issues for the Muslim community.

About the Author

Al-Imam Abdullah ibn Mahmood Ibn Maudud al Mausili al Hanafi: a Jurist,(According to Hanafi School of thought) and Qadi of Kufa was born in Mausili in 599 AH and brought up in the same city, receiving the groundling via his father and Shaikh Umar Bin Muhammad bin Tabarraz in Madrasa Al-Sarimiyah. 

He Came to Damascus And learned its Ulema, companing with Shaikh Jamaluddin Al-Husairi. 

He learnt Sahih Bukhari in Baghdad by Shaikh Abul Farj Muhammad bin abdurrahman and Abul Hasan Ali Bin Abu Bakr.

In his last age, he was got a responsibility of Teaching in Jam'e Imam Abi Hanifa in 667 AH. 

A large and huge crowd of ulema of that time Came to his Halqa (Circel) to Attend his Dars.

He wrote not so many books but whatever is got down by him, is praiseworthy & able to be appreciated.

His writings:

Al-Mukhtar Fi Al-Fatwa

Sharh Al-Ikhtiyar Li Talil Al Mukhtar

He passed away in 683 AH and was lied down beside Imam Abu Hanifa, under the same Dome.

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