30 Parts Of The Holy Quran Arabic Only, In Velvet Coated Box
[I#2165 2A1 30 PB,ref 100, Siparas 9 Lines ~A4 Large Script Indo/pak Full Tashkeel Box Colour May Var]

30 Individuals Parts of the Holy Qur'an : Arabic Only 
In Velvet Coated box

Paperback Appx. 63 Pages Per Part
Publisher : Islamic Book Service

About The Mushaf

30 individual parts Of The Holy Qur'an in pocket sized format. 

Box Colour May Vary

  • Indo / Pak Arabic script
  • Big letters, 
  • easy to read 
  • specially for senior citizens
  • Full Tashkeel

Weight: 3760

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Safahat min Sabr al-'Ulamaa: Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah, ARAB