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Al Qowl Al-Asna Fi Sharh Asma' Allah Al-Husna, Muhamoud Al Masri
[B#2189 6J1 ARABIC PB 80pp A5 Mu'asasat Qordobah Cordova,SZ83, Abu 'Amar, Names of Allah Explanation]

Al Qowl Al-Asna Fi Sharh Asma\' Allah Al-Husna, Muhamoud Al Masri

Al Qowlal Asnaa Fi Sharh Asma' Allah Al Husna (Arabic Only)

القول الاسنى في شرح اسماء الله الحسنى

Author: Muhamoud Al Masri (Abu 'Amar)
Publishers: Mu'asasat Qordobah
Paperback, 80 pages,

About the book:
This book is designed to explain some of the Names of Allah and his attributes by the Scholar Muhamud Al Masri also known as Abu 'Amar. He says that the names of Allah has un-countable benefits, among them are:

1- It is a way of entering in to Paradise (Jannah),

2- Guaranteed Love for Allah,

3- It is a way on acceptance of supplications,

4- It is the ultimate fear of Allah,

5- It is a way of relieving ones difficulties,

6- Allah will protect you from ordeals,

7- It will be source of Medicine for the Believer,

8- It is entirely a source of blessing,

9- It is the source of all things good,


This book is written in a very simple manner while the author has tried to avoid the usual task of explaining the Names of Allah too detailed as the most authors do. A good read for those not used of understanding the basic fundamentals of Allah's Names.


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