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Our Decline Its Causes and Remedies, Amir Shakib Arslan
[#2363 1G1 PB 148pp,Rashid Rida,IBT, Re-Shaykh Muhammad Bisyooni Umran of Indonesia]

Our Decline Its Causes and Remedies, Amir Shakib Arslan

Our Decline - Its Causes and Remedies Revised Print 2005
By Amir Shakib Arslan
Forward by Rashid Rida,
Paperback 148 Pages

70 years after the author wrote it, this book is still relevant. The Islamic character as it exists today has changed relatively little since Shakib's time. Unjust and selfish Muslim leadership, degenerated ulama with selfish aims of protecting their own lives instead of correcting the errors of their kings and heads, the ultra moderns and the ultra-conservatives. The Muslim world still awaits redemption at all levels, ruler and ruled, young and old, rich and poor.

First published in the 1930s, this is a response to a letter Shaykh Muhammad Bisyooni Umran of Indonesia requesting the author to explain the causes of Muslim weakness at the present and the causes of the strength of the Europeans and the Japanese, the factors behind their glorious empires and sovereignty, their power and wealth. His response, written in a state of great agitation became one of the masterpieces of eloquence and a proof of his wisdom.

Shakaib Arslan (18691946) was a Druze prince (amir) from Lebanon who was known as Amir al-Bayān (Arabic for 'Prince of Eloquence') because in addition to being a politician, he was also an influential writer, poet and historian, among other things. Influenced by the ideas of al-Afghani and Muhammad Abduh, Arslan became a strong supporter of the Pan-Islamic policies of Abdul Hamid. He also advocated the proposition that the survival of the Ottoman Empire was the only guarantee against the division of the ummah and its occupation by the European imperial powers. To Arslan, Ottomanism and Islam were closely bound together and the reform of Islam would naturally lead to the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

Exiled from his homeland by the French mandate authorities, Arslan passed most of the interwar years in Geneva serving as the unofficial representative of Syria and Palestine at the League of Nations and writing a constant stream of articles for the periodical press of the Arab countries

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