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Shariah, Not Ignorance ,Muhammad Palan Haqqani Gujrati
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Shariah, Not Ignorance ,Muhammad Palan Haqqani Gujrati

Shariah, Not Ignorance
By  Muhammad Palan Haqqani Gujrati
Cover: Hardback Pages: 479
English Translation by Rafiq Abdur Rahman
Publisher: Darul Isha'at

Translated from Gujarati
There are many customs in society which have no base in Shari'ah but out of ignorance people observe them as part of religion. Hence the title of the book Shari'ah, not Ignorance.

This book takes all such customs which are not authentic in religion and gives the correct verdict on that and proposes the right course of action. It discusses a wide range of topics covering every day life from basic tenets of religion to general actions, from propagation of religion to knowledge of the unseen, from innovative practices to rights of the parents and others.

He was  from was from Gujrat,  his own life was changed suddenly. He devoted himself totally to Islam and became a great Orator who changed the lives of many Muslims of India

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