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First Written Constitution In the World By Muhammad Hamidullah
[Ai##2600 3E1 PB 60pp,ARABIC-ENGLISH, Nasir Books, First Islamic State, Proud Heritage of the]

The First Written Constitution In the World 
By Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah
Paperback 60 Pages
Publisher : Nasir Books, New Delhi, India

Arabic - English​

About The Book

The first written constitution in the world An important document of the time of the holy prophet.

It is Proud heritage of the Muslims that the first written constitution of the state promugated in the world by a head of a state originated from no less a personality than the Holy Prophet of Islam himself. 

The deed was drawn by the Holy Prophet in the very first year of the Hijra containing detailed discussion of the prerogatives and obligations of the ruler as well as of other immediate requirements (including a sort of social insurance for the needy).

The learned scholar presents in this booklet Arabic text of he deed. its English translation, fully annotated, preceded By a scholarly introduction. An exhaustive Bibliography and a useful index have also been provided. 

  • Detailed bibliography in Arabic and English
  • Index​

About  Professor Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

Widely known across the Islamic world, in the Indian subcontinent and in Europe and North America for his seminal and outstanding contributions to the advancement of Islamic learning and to the dissemination of Islamic teachings in the Western world.

Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah was born in 1908 (Feb 19, 1908 / 16 Muharram 1326) and he obtained several degrees in Theology and Law from Osmania University in the state of Hyderabad Deccan (India). He also studied in Germany and France where he received his PhD. degrees (he had more than one PhD) in International Law. He was a law professor in his native city. He then settled in France but later moved to the United States in 1996. The professor never married. He had been taken care of by the grand-daughter of his brother.  

His book, Introduction to Islam, was translated into at least a dozen languages and it became so popular that it is used as a textbook in Russia as well as other countries. His book, The Muslim Conduct of State, was a ground breaking work in Muslim International Law. A series of his lectures, delivered at Bhawalpur, Pakistan, were translated into English, under the title of Emergence of Islam and it is also very popular among his other original works.

Dr. Hamidullah passed away on Dec 17, 2002, in Jacksonville, FL in his sleep after praying Fajr at the home of his host sister Sadida who is his brother's granddaughter. He was 94 years old. His funeral prayers were led by a Turkish-American scholar Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci, Imam Islamic Association of North Texas.

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