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Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest Set NEW 2nd Edn
[#2618 1G1 9 DVDs CD Game Illustrated Dictionary Puzzles singalong Flashcards & More Fine Media]

Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest

DVDs & Various Contents, 9 DVDs, CD Game, Puzzle, Flashcards, Stickers, activity books, Illustrated Dictionary and More
Manufacturer : Fine Media Group LLC, EmariToons Second Edition

Weight:    7lbs    3.2 KG
Height:    2.4'    6 cm
Length:    20.1'    51 cm
Width:    13.4'    34 cm

The 'Second Edition' has a new and improved website and the whole package has been completely re-authored to address some of the quality issues of the first edition. The overall design, printing and manufacturing quality has been significantly improved. The second edition also has few new features including the Arabian Sinbad theatre game.

Used by both educators and language experts

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​Description of the Product (by the producer):

Arabian Sinbad is an innovative new learning kit designed with both the native and non-native speakers of Arabic in mind. It is designed to teach children a wide range of Arabic vocabulary through the 'Total Immersion Method.'

This well-established teaching system has long been used by both educators and language experts. Unlike other Arabic-language tools, this revolutionary learning kit gets children involved!

Teachers can use each individual product to supplement their classroom instruction. They can introduce videos, activity books, flashcards and more as a fun alternative to traditional learning. The high-quality multimedia products along with the hands-on supplements provide a well-rounded, never-boring learning experience!

Featuring an extensive vocabulary, the videos introduce:

  • The Human Body
  • Geography & Nature
  • Shapes & Colour
  • Foods
  • Animals
  • Family Household Items
  • Common Phrases
  • And much more!

This kit includes:

What is included in the package?
The package comes in a high quality custom made plastic shell that includes the following:
          9 DVDs (with two 15-18 minute episodes each)
          A Vocabulary Review DVD
          Instruction Manual with "Teacher's Guide"
          'Play and Think' Activity Book
          'Fun Activities' Sticker Book with Sticker Pages
          Theater Game
          Sing-Along Songs CD
          'Adventure Island' CD-ROM Game
          And a Complementary "Arabian Sinbad Poster"

Our team of animators, storytellers, Arabic language teaching experts and new media creative game developers have worked hard to bring you this amazing high quality Arabian Sinbad "Arabic Language Treasure" package. It is the most effective Arabic Language teaching tool that utilises immersive and engaging language learning techniques via cartoon animation, clear pronunciation, repetition, music and song. It offers parents, children and teachers a one-of-a-kind Arabic language learning tool!

Arabian Sinbad "Arabic Language Treasure" was not developed to be a typical academic Arabic language course. It was designed as an indispensable learning helper to supplement daily classroom instructions in an entertaining interactive style. Our eighteen 15-18 minutes colourfully animated episodes are the core of the Arabian Sinbad package, they present a wide-range of Arabic vocabulary spoken in the correct proper Arabic accent. The 10 DVDs, 4 supplemental books, PC game, stickers and flash cards, theatre game, internet browser add-on's, iPhone games and Facebook contest, were all developed in collaboration with top native and non-native Arabic speaking educators and are modelled after proven successful language learning programs.

The Arabian Sinbad 18 cartoon episodes utilise the renowned “Language Immersion & Repetition Method,” which plunges the beginners into the new language as if they were explorers in that country! By totally immersing the students in the Arabic language, they will quickly make direct mental connections between what they see and what they hear without an intermediary, thereby developing an ear for the language unique sounds and rhythms. With Arabian Sinbad, the students will be exposed to more than 500 Arabic words both audibly and visually through the entertaining storyline of our 18 animated episodes while concurrently practising and reviewing they're newly learned vocabulary in the included activity books and other supplementary learning aids and games.

We are confident that you and your family will totally enjoy this product and find it to be an invaluable effective resource as you begin your Arabic language learning adventure!

Free Shipping In UK

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