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Sharh Manhaj al-Salikin wa Tawdih Fiqh fi Din: Allama Sa'di, Arb
[B#2673 6E3 HB 589pp Maktab Islamiyah & I'lamul Ruwad wal Nashr, By Abdullah bin A Rahman Jibreen]

شرح منهج السالكين وتوضيح الفقه في الدين
Sharh Manhaj al-Salikin wa Tawdih al-Fiqh fi Din lil Allama Al-Sa'di  

(Arabic Book)
By Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman al-Jibreen 
Paperback 589 Pages
Publisher : Maktab Islamiyah & I'lamul Ruwad wal Nashr 

About The Book

A Small work of fiqh of worship according to Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman as-Sa'di. 

This work is not broad and therefore just touches on most requiring acts in worship. 

The Shaykh was one of the late prominent scholars of Sa'udi.

About The Shareh

Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman al-Jibreen was born in 1351/ 1933 in a village near the town of Al-Quway'iyah in the Nejd region in Saudi Arabia.

He received his secondary school certificate in 1377/1958, a bachelor's degree in Shariah in 1380/1961, master's degree in 1389/1970 from the Higher Institute for the Judiciary, and a doctorate in 1406/1987.

Several judges, teachers and religious callers were taught by him. Furthermore, he was a Saudi-based cleric and a member of the powerful Senior Clerics Association and Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Issuing Fatwas in Saudi Arabia.

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