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Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia,Cloning&Animal Experimentation
[#2694 1D1 PB 136pp Islamic Foundation, By Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim, An Islamic View, Islamic Rulings]

Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia,Cloning&Animal Experimentation

Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia, Cloning and Animal Experimentation
An Islamic View 
By Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
Paperback 136 Pages 
ISBN : 9780860373315
Publisher : Islamic Foundation, Leicester, UK

About The Book

This book deal with ethico-legal issues. Muslims believe that everything they own has been given to them as an amanah (trust) from Allah. Would it constitute a breach of that trust to consent to enrol oneself as an organ donor? Cloning could rectify the problem of infertile couples, but such technology could also be abused with dire consequences. While euthanasia may apparently alleviate the suffering of the terminally ill, would that not compound their agony in the life hereafter? The author sheds light on these issues and acquaints the reader with the latest Islamic rulings on these biotechnological manipulations.


  • Part One: Animal Experimentation
  • Part Two: Blood Transfusion
  • Part Three: Transplantation of Human Organs
  • Part Four: The Moment of Death
  • Conclusion


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