Al Mulakhas al Mufid Fi Ilm al Tajweed Arabic Only
[B#2736 6B3, PB 192pp,Al Mulkhas al Mufid Jamzuri, ibn jazri, Darussalam Egypt]

Al Mulkhas al Mufid Fi Ilm al Tajweed Arabic Only
PaperBack 192pages,
Publishers - Darussalam ,Egypt

bi istikhdam tarmiz louni lil ahkaam, muzeelan bi matani tuhfat atfaal lil imamil jamzuri wa matanil jazriyati lil imam ibn jazri, wa mutashabihat al quran , al ayaat ,al huruf wa kalimat. ma a asilatin wa tamrinaat Taleef - Muhammed Ahmed Mabad, Mudarris al quran karim wa tajweed bil masjid annabawy as sharif.

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The present booklet is a compendium of good deeds done easily, without any significant labour and without any expenditure. Whosoever shall pay heed to them shall go on doing good deeds and earn merits. From the Introduction '
Easy Good Deeds By Mufti Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani'