Al Mulakhas al Mufid Fi Ilm al Tajweed Arabic Only
[E#2736 6B3, PB 192pp,Al Mulkhas al Mufid Jamzuri, ibn jazri, Darussalam Egypt]

Al Mulkhas al Mufid Fi Ilm al Tajweed Arabic Only
PaperBack 192pages,
Publishers - Darussalam ,Egypt

bi istikhdam tarmiz louni lil ahkaam, muzeelan bi matani tuhfat atfaal lil imamil jamzuri wa matanil jazriyati lil imam ibn jazri, wa mutashabihat al quran , al ayaat ,al huruf wa kalimat. ma a asilatin wa tamrinaat Taleef - Muhammed Ahmed Mabad, Mudarris al quran karim wa tajweed bil masjid annabawy as sharif.

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