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Muslim Personal Law By Dr Hashim Mahdi, English Only
[#2874 1I1 HB 118pp Ta-Ha Publishers, Ed. A. Clarke, Daleel Qanun Hawla Ash-Shakhsiya Islamiyah]

Muslim Personal Law : English
Daleel Qanun Al Hawla Ash-Shakhsiya al Islamiyyah 

By Dr. Hashim Mahdi 
Editor : Abdassamad Clarke
Paperback 118 Pages 
Size A5 
ISBN : 9781842001028
Publisher : Ta-Ha Publishers, London​

About The Book

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW deals with some aspects of Muslim civil law which historically have been implemented both under Muslim and non-Muslim colonial rule. 

This book is for anyone who wishes to acquire more than a superficial knowledge of the subject. 

It summarises comprehensively those aspects of the Shari'ah that govern the most fundamental personal relationships in a straightforward way. 

It represents one of the mainstream Sunni attempts to codify these aspects of Islamic law, based on centuries of practical application and experience, relying mainly on the Hanafi madhhab.

As such, although it is as impossible to codify Islam as it is to codify life itself, it nevertheless provides the reader with a reliable checklist of the identifiable features of the Shari'ah which govern the fundamental milestones in life which most people experience during their life's journey: birth, childhood, marriage, divorce, death and inheritance.

About The Author

Dr Hashim Mahdi  was born and educated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia obtaining his PhD in the US and further qualifications in the UK. 

He is a fellow of the Islamic Academy, Cambridge and has been associated with the Muslim World League in various capacities for almost two and a half decades, currently holding the post of International Strategics Expert. 

He is at present visiting professor at the University of Paris-Sorbonne besides working on curriculum design for Dar al-Fikr secondary schools in Jeddah and working in cooperation with Umm al-Qura University in Makkah. 

He is the author of a number of books which have been published in Arabic, French and English.




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