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Qisar Ul Amal: Ibn Abi Dunya, Abu Bakr Abdullah bin Muhammad
[B#3054 6I4 HB 312pp, Arabic Only, Dar Ibn Hazm, Lebanon, Tahqiq: Muhammad Khayr Ramadan Yusuf]

Qisar Ul Amal: Ibn Abi Dunya, Abu  Bakr Abdullah bin Muhammad

Qisar  Ul Amal : Arabic Only
Ibn Abi Dunya, Abu Bakr Abdullah bin Muhammad
Tahqiq: Muhammad Khayr Ramadan Yusuf
Dar Ibn Hazm , Lebanon

Hardback 312  Pages

This book was in manuscript form in the Zahiriya Library Damascus and the scholar Muhammad Khair Ramadhan Yusuf worked on this manuscript and published it in 1997 from the Dar Bin-Hazri. He researched its ahadith and anecdotes and also difficult words. The book consists of three hundred and forty nine ahadith, anecdotes, aphorisms and stories from sahaba, their successors and later scholars.

This Books  deals with a topic that is of immense importance in narcissistic post modern materialistic society. We live in a consumer-based society which is spend thrifty and truly in love with the world. The antidote to this is “Qisar ul Amal”, reducing long hopes. Rather than translating all the 349 narrations of Ibn Abi Dunya, This book can be an effective antidote to our materialistic lives.

May Allah help us to see the reality of this ephemeral life.

IBN ABU AD-DUNYA 'Abdullah bin Muhammad bin 'Ubaid:

Hafiz Abu Bakr, 'Abdullah bin Muhammad bin 'Ubaid bin Sufyan bin Abu Ad-Dunya Al-Qurashi Al-Baghdadi, the freed slave of Banu Umaiya, was born in 208 H. He was a Muhaddith and truthful 'Aalim. He wrote some books and educated more than one of the caliphs' sons like Al-Mu'tadid. Ibn Abu Ad-Dunya died in Jumada Al-Ula, 281 H.
Ibn Abi Dunya, like his contemporaries, Bukhari and Muslim and others narrates every hadith with a continuous chain of narrators, usually containing five or six narrators. Some of the ahadith he narrates are also found in the six famous hadith books.
Ibn Abi Dunya was a deeply spiritual man and someone who was deeply concerned about the growing worldliness of Muslims of his time. If Ibn Abi Dunya lamented about the people in his day and age, the ninth century.

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