A to Z of Akhlaaq, Moral Values for Children: Sr Nafees Khan
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A to Z of Akhlaaq, Moral Values for Children: Sr Nafees Khan

A to Z of Akhlaaq
Moral Values for Children

By Sr. Nafees Khan
36 Pages Paperback

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"You have a good example in Allah's Messenger for whosoever hopes for Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much." 
The Holy Qur'an 33:21

Description from the publisher :

Islamic etiquette for children listed alphabetically and in simple, easy-to-follow verse.

Our description:

Indeed, "A to Z of Akhlaaq" is a beautifully illustrated fun book that introduces children to Good Manners and good character in a creative and lighthearted manner. You can also find a glossary, some tips for parents and teachers, references and a small biography of the author.

Author details:

 Sr. Nafees Khan is a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University in India and a retired member of The Ontario College of Teachers in Canada. Her career spans over thirty years as an elementary school teacher. Sr. Nafees has been an active member of the Muslim community in Canada since 1967. Her dedication to the Muslim Community and her love of teaching lead to her key role in the establishment of two prominent schools in Toronto: Islamic Foundation and Al Falah. Sr. Nafees served as Principle at both of these schools as well. Her other books are -A to Z of Akhlaaq, Allah's Zoo, Basic Duas for Children, Prophet of Peace and The Traveller from the Heavens.

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