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A Step by Step Guide SALAT for Men - Illustrated
[#0315 2E2 PB 84pp,Ishayat-ul-Islam Boys Wudu & Salah for Men, First Time Prayer]

A Step by Step Guide SALAT  for Men - Illustrated
Salat : A Step by Step Guide for Men
Paperback 84 Pages
Size : 23.5 x 18 cm
ISBN 10 : 817947089X
ISBN 13 : 9788179470893
Publisher : Kutub Khana Ishayat-ul-Islam , New Delhi (2010)

About The Book
Clearly set out with Illustrations and Clear Large Text For the Arabic Prayers & Duas
This book of Salat explains the necessary details of the second basic duty of Islam - As Salah(Salat).It aims to acquaint new converts to Islam as well as young Muslims with the knowledge of how to perform this important act of worship in Islam. This book provides a detailed step-by-step account of the process of making Wuduu (Ablution), then carefully describes how to perform Salat.It also explains the prerequisites, elements,conditions and acts that nullify the Wuduu or Salat.

As the objective of this book is to expedite the practical implementation of Salat, Romanised pronunciation of all the Arabic verses, zikr then duaa are included, as well as their meanings. Insh'Allah, those who have never performed Salat before will be able to do so after reading this book.

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