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Introducing Islam from Within By Mona Abu-Fadl
[#0334 1C2 PB 136pp Islamic Foundation, essentials, religion, way of life, insights, meanings, faith]

Introducing Islam from Within By Mona Abu-Fadl

Introducing Islam from Within 
By Mona Abu-Fadl
Paperback 136 Pages
ISBN : 9780860372097
Publisher : The Islamic Foundation, Leicester, U.K.

About The Book

Condenses, profiles and synthesises the essentials of Islam as a religion and a way of life. It shares the insights and meanings gleaned from within the faith in a way to which others can relate.

"…originally written to supplement some basic reading requirements in a course in which the effective class situation leaves little room for a full response to questions raised by participants…the author has through a personal testament of faith condensed, profiled and synthesized the essentials of Islam as a religion and a way of life…a communication of the faith in a lucid and engaging manner."  - S.V. Sicard, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

About The Author

Dr. Mona Abul-Fadl (B.Sc. Cairo, 1966; Ph.D. London, 1975),
Professor of Political Science (Cairo University)
and Chairman, Zahira Abdin Chair for Women & Gender Studies,

She has taught, researched, and written in a variety of fields over the past 25 years on themes ranging from political and social theory to epistemology and religion. 

Her work falls at the intersection of a number of related areas and disciplines that fall outside the conventional academic format of specialization.


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