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Shades of Islam: Poems for a New Century: Rafey Habib
[#3344 1C2 PB 108pp Kube Publishing New Collection of Poems on Faith Love Politics Islam]

Shades of Islam: Poems for a New Century: Rafey Habib

Shades of Islam: Poems for a New Century 
By Rafey Habib 
Paperback 108 Pages 
ISBN: 9781847740212 
Publisher : Kube Publishing Leicester UK 

About The Book

This dazzling and moving new collection of poems addresses faith, love, politics, and Islam in the twenty-first century.

An Excerpt From The Book

So when you see those pretty women in their veils. Don't pity them, don't condescend them, or pretend you know them. They know themselves, inside out.

They know, not just love's pleasure, but love's measure, it's need for trust, it's need to know it's station, to seek its own face.

About the Author

Dr. M.A.R. Habib (Rafey Habib) is a leading scholar in the areas of literary criticism, theory and philosophy. He is a Professor of English and the author of seven books, including three histories of literary criticism, a study of T.S. Eliot's philosophical background, and two translations of Urdu poetry.

His interests also extend to Islamic philosophy and literature, as well as post-colonial studies. He believes that it is a matter of some urgency to foster an improved mutual understanding between the Islamic world and Western cultures. He has given numerous talks on various aspects of Islam, such as Islam and Democracy, and is currently working with colleagues at Rutgers University to establish a cultural diversity of courses, including Islamic literature in English translation.

He also believes that, in an era where existing democracies are under various kinds of threat, and where democracies in various parts of the world are struggling to be born, it is important that we promote and disseminate the skills of critical reading and writing in order to foster an informed and responsible participation in the democratic process. He believes that learning is not merely an intellectual experience but a moral, emotional and political process, whose deepest roots and profoundest inspiration lie in humility, humanity and compassion.

His works include:
Modern Literary Criticism and Theory: A History, A History of Literary Criticism: From Plato to the Present, An Anthology of Modern Urdu Poetry,  The Early T.S. Eliot and Western Philosophy, The Dissident Voice.


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